"Thumper" for Motorbunny BUCK

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Made of premium, 100% silicone, the "Thumper" BUCK attachment pairs best with the "Thrust" motion toggle (not included), and is a pumpin', humpin', thumpin' good time! This durable attachment is the same as the "Thumper" attachment included in the Motorbunny BUCK box. It is not compatible with Motorbunny Original or Sybian. 


Four sturdy eyelets provide infinite possibility...

We've included four sturdy eyelets (two each in front and back) on Motorbunny for tying or clipping on accessories such as the Motorbunny knee pad, nipple clamps or wrist and ankle restraints (all sold separately). Motorbunny is the platform of choice for adventurous souls that want to take their sex lives “all the way to 11!”