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Motorbunny Original

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Original price $899.00 - Original price $1,179.00
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$899.00 - $1,179.00
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Choose Kit: Standard: Motorbunny (4 TPE Attachments)

Customer Reviews

Based on 402 reviews
Jeff O.
Wish I could give 2 reviews!!

My wife loves it so much I can't get her off of it. Good for her....bad for me. I like seeing her happy though

Larry D.
A great addition to my collection

I have never seen a woman more excited than when I showed her the picture of my new Motor Bunny except maybe the look on her face when she rode it for it for the first time! It’s my new favorite accessory.

Good purchase

I bought this for my wife as a fun addition to the bedroom. Works great if you enjoy watching, even assisting with touch and play during her ride.

Debra S.
Love it!!!

This is my 2nd one I’ve purchased. The 1st one lasted for years with a LOT of use. The best clit orgasm I’ve ever had!!! I have issues with tendinitis in my hands so to be able to masterbate with minimal effort is amazing, just straddle and enjoy!!

Ryan G.
Fantastic Fun

My wife has used this twice already and we love it. It definitely is a fun toy to have with your play partner. The only thing Inwould criticize is the case is not waterproof. That is not a complaint about the motor bunny itself.

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Why Motorbunny Is Better

The Motorbunny Starter Kit is everything you need to get started on this wild ride! Watch this short video to see what is included! (Bunny Rest sold separately.)



Four sturdy eyelets provide infinite possibility...

We've included four sturdy eyelets (two each in front and back) on Motorbunny for tying or clipping on accessories such as the Motorbunny knee pad, nipple clamps or wrist and ankle restraints (all sold separately). Motorbunny is the platform of choice for adventurous souls that want to take their sex lives “all the way to 11!”


VIBRATION MOTOR - 0.08 HP - 7000 Vibrations Per Minute


DURABILITY - 2 people - up to 1000 lbs.

WEIGHT - 17.8 lbs

DIMENSIONS - 10″ H x 13.24″ W x 12.49″ L

POWER SUPPLY - A/C Adaptor and Cable Input: 100-240V ~2.2A Output: 36V/3.5A DC Length: 12 feet

SAFETY CERTIFICATIONS - CE and RoHS Safety Certifications

What is a Sex Machine?

The definition of “sex machine” is simple--A sex machine is a personal device used to stimulate the body erotically. The machine may simulate intercourse, oral sex, or other sexual activities. A sex machine’s primary purpose is to bring the user pleasure, even if using one does not result in an orgasm. While sex machines simulate sex with a partner, they do not have to be used solo. While they were initially designed for women, they can be used by all genders.

Also known by the cruder name, “fuck machines” are divided into two categories: penetrative or extractive. A penetrative sex machine is used to enter the user’s body, generally the vagina, anus, and sometimes mouth. An extractive sex machine is used to milk the body and is used on the nipple, penis, and more. While dildos and butt plugs are amongst the most popular sex toys, the best rideable vibrators have more features than just a phallus.

Look for an all-in-one fuck machine with a mountable base. A good ride-on sex machine has a powerful motor inside with adjustable settings that offer a range of different vibrations, twirls, and thrusts. Attachments can be swapped out depending on the mood. Switch between a dildo, finger, g-spot stimulator, clitoral stimulator and more, for an erotic experience that will bring you or your partner over the edge. The best fuck machines (Hello, Motorbunny!) have been upgraded with modern technology to allow for remote action through an app keeping you and your partner satisfied when separated by long distances. With so many different ways to use a sex machine like Motorbunny, you have access to unlimited new experiences!

Sex Machine Categories

Sex machines can be broken down into several different categories.

  • Sex Saddles: A sex saddle is a mountable fuck machine. Once straddled, the machine will penetrate, vibrate, or twirl to help the user achieve orgasm. Sex saddles are powerful and can be loud. Saddles are also larger sex toys and will require space inside a closet for storage.
  • Gliders: Like a sex saddle, a glider can be mounted but does not have a motor. Gliders are powered by the user, which means the speed and depth of penetration will depend on how the user moves their body. Prostate stimulators or dildos can be attached to gliders, usually with a Vac U Lock adaptor.
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  • Thrusters: A thruster is a sex machine that thrusts. Some thrusters are handheld so that the user can use them in any position. Many thrusters are basic designs made at home, but others are high-tech and can even be programmed.

More on Thrusting Sex Machines

Thrusting sex machines are motorized sex toys that can penetrate the vagina or anus, hitting the g-spot or p-spot. Most thrusting machines can work with an adaptor, allowing users to switch between different kinds of dildos or prostate stimulators. Attachments may also simulate a vagina, finger, or penis.  Thrusting sex machines provide a hands-free experience, creating a rhythmic thrusting that does the job. Thanks to modern technology, thrusting sex machines like a Motorbunny can be programmed through an app, giving the user the option to design their experience and then sit back and enjoy.

Using a Sex Machine

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your sex machine experience. 

  • Add lube: Sex machines are powerful devices, and without proper lubrication, you may experience unwanted friction or even bruising. Add lubricant to ensure smooth lovemaking.
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  • Slow down: For first-time riders, it is important to use the sex machine at the lowest setting in the beginning and warm up to more powerful speeds.
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What are the Benefits of Owning a Sex Machine?

Using a sex machine comes with multiple benefits. For single users, a sex machine can mimic the feeling and excitement of having multiple lovers. Settings can be adjusted, and dildos can be swapped out with ones of different sizes and textures. From the privacy of a bedroom, a sex machine can allow for experimentation without any worry about STDs. Also, unlike a lover, sex machines never grow tired and are always ready to play. For long-distance romances, a sex machine can fill any gaps of intimacy caused by living in different cities. Sex machines like a Motorbunny can be controlled remotely through an app, allowing lovers to pleasure each other from afar. Lastly, sex machines can be enjoyed by all genders, providing excitement and building trust between partners.

Sex machine use also offers several health benefits. Orgasms release oxytocin, which helps elevate one’s mood, and serotonin, which reduces stress. Melatonin is also released during orgasm, which helps to transition the mind into sleep. Stress reduction comes with the added benefit of a healthier heart, as less stress can be key to preventing heart disease. Regular masturbation with a sexual device may also help combat menopause and raise libido as orgasms help moisturize vaginal walls, boosting the elasticity of the vagina. Orgasms also exercise the pelvic floor, which is key for controlling the bladder. Regular use of a sex toy during masturbation can lead to feeling more relaxed, happy, and satisfied overall.

Who Should Own a Sex Machine?

Whether single or coupled, sex machines can be enjoyed by nearly everyone. Singles can use a sex machine to enhance their masturbation and find what feels good for their bodies. They can experiment and fulfill their sexual desires without the threat of diseases. Lovers can use a sex machine to build intimacy and teach each other about likes and dislikes. A new sex toy in the bedroom can add an element of excitement and new experiences, which can lead to more romance. Long-distance partners can also use a sex machine to maintain intimacy while apart, using the Motorbunny app to power the sex machine and pleasure their lover. No matter how you use a sex machine, it is a sex toy suitable for all genders.

History of Sex Machines

Sex machines are not new, and their origins date back to the ancient world. The first dildos and butt plugs were made from natural materials such as bronze, jade, and even bread. Between the 1880s and 1930s, several sexual devices became popular, including a steam-powered vibrator and the first electric vibrator, which was marketed as a neck massager. During the 1970s, magic neck massaging wands soon became popular as sexual aids. Fast forward to modern times when sex toys are no longer basic designs and are available in stores and online. Today’s modern sex machines are comfortable to use, mimic the angles of the body, and can even be used hands-free.