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Sex Saddle

Sex Saddle 101: How Motorbunny Fits the Bill

You have tried dildos, vibrators, and more, but nothing seems to satisfy your sexual appetite. Maybe you are simply motivated to take charge of your sexual self-care and want to explore the possibilities in the privacy of your home. Is your love-making routine in need of a new trick? Whatever the reason, a sex saddle can be a smart investment that is sure to deliver amazing returns.

Motorbunny Original and Motorbunny BUCK are both examples of sex saddles.

What Is a Sex Saddle?

A sex saddle, fuck machine, or riding vibrator is much larger than a handheld vibrator or dildo that can be stored away discreetly inside your nightstand. It is an electronic sex machine designed to be straddled by the user. Inside are mechanical components that vibrate and rotate to induce a powerful orgasm. The sex saddle consists of the main device or seat, penis-like or finger-like silicone attachments, and a controller. To use a sex saddle, you mount it like you would a sex partner, or pull the saddle into you while laying on your back. Once the controls are turned on, the various attachments swirl and vibrate throughout your body producing an earth-shattering sensation. The best part of owning a sex saddle toy is its versatility; sex saddles are designed with adjustable settings and have numerous accessories available which lead to an infinite number of pleasurable possibilities.

What Are Common Uses of a Sex Saddle?

The most common way to use a Sybian style sex saddle toy is by couples adding new experiences to their relationship. However, many people choose to begin solo. This can often be the best way to learn about your likes and dislikes before you invite a partner to play. First, place a thick blanket or towel down onto a bed or the floor. This will help to absorb any noise and provide padding for your knees. Then, add the riding vibrator on top of the blanket or towel. Once you have installed the accessory of your choice, use the controls on the lowest setting, and then work your way up. Experiment with the amount of stimulation while riding to get the best sensations. You can also change your position while on the sex saddle; leaning forward, back, or to the side.

Including a lover in your saddle sex machine experimentation can create new excitement for both of you. While you are on top of the fuck machine, ask your partner to support you or touch different parts of your body. If they are curious, allow them to try the sex saddle out for themselves. You can give them power and allow them to take over the controls. Try riding the sex saddle solo while they watch from afar. Your new sex saddle is sure to enhance your love-making experience

How Motorbunny is the Perfect Sex Saddle

If you are ready to purchase your sex saddle toy, consider the Motorbunny. Priced considerably less than other sex saddles on the market, the Motorbunny can deliver a heavenly orgasm without having to empty your bank account. It is more powerful than other popular sex machines as it is designed to produce more rotations per minute as well as stronger vibrations. There is also a multitude of attachments to choose from. Unlike the competition, the Motorbunny seat has 4 stainless steel eyelets that allow you or your partner to use restraints and clamps. It can also be controlled through an app, which means your partner can partake, even if they are not in the same room. A Motorbunny sex saddle is protected by a 5-year warranty and a 10-year quality guarantee. Invest in a Motorbunny and get ready to take your pleasure to new heights.

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