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Premium Silicone Keister Bunny Prostate Massager Attachment

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  • Made of 100% non-porous silicone for easy sterilization
  • 3.5-inch main shaft with 1.25-inch wide; Flexible bunny ears scrotal and perineum tickler at 1.5-inches high
  • Designed specifically for prostate stimulation
  • Penetrating attachment without rotational capabilities (This attachment does not "twirl")
  • Compatible with Sybian®
  • Returns for attachments not accepted
  • Only compatible with Motorbunny Original
  • Not compatible with Motorbunny Buck

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Body Safe

100% Silicone


Pharma-grade Material

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This thing was amazing. the position alone by itself (angle and pressure in the right places) had me feeling wonderful even without turning the machine on. I would have had an orgasm even without the vibration. Vibration just took it to another level as long as it is lower for relaxing rid or high if you lean a bit forward to but some pressure on your taint.

I see some reviewers complain that there is no rotation. I have tried rotation with other attachments and trust me I was lucky. you don';t want rotation. It will tear you up inside and could most likely send you to a hospital with serious to life threatening injuries. This is why it is engineered the way it is.

Awesome product.


This thing is fantastic! I've watched my wife riding this machine with her arrangements and going nuts, but I never have experienced it myself until she got me this attachment, had me sit on it, tied me up so I couldn't move.... And turned it on for about 30 minutes. The whole time she was teasing me by controlling the speed.

It was the wildest ride I've ever had, and I'm going to ask her permission too do it again tonight!

S G.
Awsome Toy

Awesome toy. Perfect for beginners and what an awesome feel. Hands free minus turning the control knob but she loves controlling it. Perfect on your genitals and vibrates inside and on the outside of your prostate. Must have for single use or with couples.

C G.
Pretty awsome

Hands free (besides turning up the control. Feels great on the bottom of your ballsack and stimulates the outside of prostate as well as inside. Turns her on watching me and allows alot of cool play. Perfect for beginner and the power will feel good to the more experienced. If one con it is a little difficult to navigate to get in with the angle but overall a great experience. We have bought worse toys for more money so spend the 30 bucks and have fun. Side note, skip the free shipping and pay ups to deliver. DHL is just plain awful.

Nice try, but...

Guys generally get the shaft when it comes to sex toys, so it's nice to see an attempt at catering to us, especially when it could make an already amazing machine even more versatile for everyone to enjoy, but ultimately I think this attempt falls flat.

The decision to not allow twirling capabilities is a strange one. There are already rotating prostate massagers on the market, so why not allow this one to rotate as well? That takes away half of this attachment's abilities right off the bat. The flexible bunny ears didn't really seem to do much either, they just kind of got in the way and eventually made my perineum itch and go numb due to the intensity of the tickling vibrations. I also think it might not quite be long enough or big enough maybe. It just didn't really feel like it was hitting the spot.

The one thing I'll give it is that it's damn powerful, no wonder women love it. Despite not really hitting the spot, those vibrations rumbled me from the inside out and with a little manual help I got there and had one heck of an orgasm. I just think they need to make some tweaks here to really hit it out of the park for us guys. As it stands now, the other attachments work better than this one on me, and they're not even made with guys in mind.