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Free discreet shipping on US* orders over $50!

Motorbunny Reviews

Motorbunny Reviews

Everyone loves their Motorbunny

"...promises to be one of the most powerful experiences you'll ever have."

"Best Sex Toys for Couples"

"As I said, vibrations range from levels one to 11, and I orgasmed at level four.""

Here's what our customers have to say

Based on 722 reviews
Wireless fum that it's is.plug and play .it add so much fun to the motorbunny... then there is the option. To co trol with misic


The storage/mobility case exceeded our expectations! Built line a airline case! Impressed that it fits everything perfectly including all of our attachments! Recommend if you want to keep it discreet for home or travel!

Not entry level

This machine packs more vibrations than any toy I've used before. The riser attachments offer more clitoral stimulation. Orgasms are so strong that I usually need help getting up afterward. The Motorbunny is comfortable and can placed alongside a chair or bed for comfort and enjoyment. There are a good variety of attachments depending on your mood and they are easy to use.
It is well constructed but noisy.
The link feature is handy as the twirl patterns are great. However, it would seem that you can't control the intensity, which makes the buzz patterns unusable because anything above 6 is uncomfortable for me. Good thing the buzz and twirl patterns can be used independently.

It’s arrived!!!

Totally amazing machine I don’t need a partner anymore just my motorbunny!!

Responsive Bluetooth system. Great accessory.

Great accessory. Customer service is fantastic. Hoping for more Buck attachments.

This product has revived our marital intimacy. Awesome!

The Wife Loves It!!!!!!

The wife love her motorbunny. The moment she unpackaged it, she wanted to get right on it. She has loved every minute of it.

Awesome - Highest setting is no joke!

We read the reviews and still were unsure what we were in for. Setup took only 10 minutes. Worked our way up in vibration and wow did I get a great reaction starting at the 6-speed setting. She couldn't handle the highest setting for long. Her magic wand may have been replaced. We got attachments for both of us and are very happy with the results. Can't believe we waited this long to buy it.

It’s great!

Partner was slightly intimidated at first with a little lube, she was all about it.

Facesitting for BBW

This thing is the best thing for sitting on a face, esp when you're a bigger woman. Also works good with the motorbunny.

Everyone should own one

Love it so much I invite friends over to try it too.

Some issues but GREAT

Hey there,
i bought a Motorbunny Buck for my fiance and she was... to be honest...very scared of it first. After talking to her she gave it a try....and she loved it. There are enough attachments for everyone. But i bought that one for 1649$ (the doc johnson version). First i got some technical issues with the motorbunny link app but that was kinda like a bug. The support team helped me out. The only thing i didnt like (has nothing to do with the seller) was the tax of 303€ for import Germany. That hurt me. Be sure to keep that in mind. The money for that TOY is WORTH it.
greetings from Germany,

Out f standing

My wife said this was by far the best anniversary gift she could ever got and no way she could ever get anything better. Only thing we wish is there was more games for it lol.

Couldn't stop squirting

Motor bunny isn't awesome sex machine my wife could not stop squirting first time in her entire life that she's ever squirted her legs the motor Bunny and the floor was soaking wet which was super sexy if there was 10 Stars I would give it that only got two use it once can't wait till our next motor bunny session the Bluetooth controls are 100X better than the handheld control really love the preset settings that's what sent her over the edge would recommend to everyone for their sex life it is super noisy at high speeds but well worth it the bunny rest was a great addition for her to lean against for my wife to scream and squirt the way she did was well worth every penny I cannot speak highly enough of the motor bunny


Definitely had to work her way up on this one. Not for the faint of heart!

Holy cow!

Holy cow worth every penny! She literally melted off of it when she was done! Can’t wait to let her friends try! : )


Where do I even start! We received the Motorbunny Buck in the mail the other day and it was delivered discreetly…thank God(we were gone on vacation!) So excited to test it out it was the first thing we opened when we got back. The device and all attachments came neatly packaged and secure. Very easy to assemble with pictured instructions. I have yet to try all the different attachments but the first attachment with the black thrusting dildo was enough to give me an eye rolling orgasm. We will be writing a more detailed review once we get through all settings and options. But had to let everyone know how freaking great this was!

Still checking it out

We are still in the experimenting with it, but cumming along. I will add to this as we play more.


From a male perspective I don't care for the back and forth but the up and down with the vibration gave me the hardest orgasm I've ever had. My girl loves it just as much. The buck knob on the controller doesnt work where it'll only turn on or off, it doesn't give the variation of speed. Waiting for the email to pay for shipping to replace. Even with that not working we can still control it from the app. I 100% recommend this, I am so happy I got this compared to any other toy

Sybian/Motorbunny Attachment

Not available from Sybian themselves (and it should be) but glad someone thought of producing this, as it definitely helps bring direct clitoral stimulation to the rider, without them having to lean so far forward to be simultaneously stimulated, while enjoying the insertion properties of the Sybian or Motorbunny accessory. The rider can remain fairly vertical while straddling the machine, and yet still get direct clitoral contact; the "larger" riser does the best job of achieving this. IF you have an attachment with a stimulator such as a rabbit-style assistant, the riser MAY be too much; the riser makes the best experience when there's simply nubs or ridges provided for clitoral stimulation.
My Lady really appreciated the "help" of these risers!

Don't by Motor bunny

Still out of springs. Was going to purchase 3 more motor bunny's. Not now. You can't even get spring. Ridiculous. Horrible customer service.

Wife loves it

She only got to use it twice, she wore herself out. Both times.

Broke controller

I broke my controller where it connects to the main unit.I contacted motorbunny and customer support handled my problem right away.No charge and received it with in a couple days.Very good and quick service..I was extremely happy with them.


9.5/10. Would be a perfect 10 if my ride-on mower came in John-Deere green.

Not Too Shabby

Wife was a little scared at first but now she has a new best friend…