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Doc Johnson Vac-u-Lock Adapter for Motorbunny BUCK

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The Doc Johnson Vac-u-Lock Adapter for Motorbunny BUCK turns the world's only power-vibe/thruster into the most versatile sex machine on the planet! Designed in close collaboration with Doc Johnson, this attachment adapter lets riders choose from hundreds of Vac-u-Lock-compatible toys to enjoy with Motorbunny BUCK's signature thrusting actions! 

Virtually any size, shape, color and material are yours to choose from with this innovative adapter. See ourcompatible Vac-u-Lock products here!100% Platinum-cured Silicone Compatible with Motorbunny BUCK onlyNo attachment or accessory returns accepted

Vac-U-Lock & Motorbunny 

When you are ready to crank your lovemaking or masturbation routine up to 11, consider adding a Motorbunny to your bedroom. Motorbunny has been popular for many years because of the powerful orgasms it helps you achieve and the company’s commitment to innovation. Now the Motorbunny BUCK can be fitted with a Vac-U-Lock adaptor which builds upon the versatility of an already multi-talented machine. Read on to learn more about the Motorbunny BUCK and Vac-U-Lock adaptor.

What is Motorbunny BUCK?

Motorbunny BUCK is a powerful thrusting sex machine that is always ready to provide a thrilling ride. The BUCK is the first in the saddle vibrator category to give a powerful thrust, moving up, down, and forward to hit the g-spot or p-spot. Riders are not limited to the cowgirl position as the BUCK can be used with the EVA wedge in the doggy-style and missionary positions. The settings of the Motorbunny BUCK can be adjusted from gentle to hard, providing lots of options to play with different levels of intensity. In a long-distance romance? Motorbunny BUCK can sync over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to an exclusive app that allows couples to play remotely. Now, the Motorbunny BUCK can be upgraded to be compatible with hundreds of different dildo attachments with the Vac-U-Lock adaptor.

What is a Vac-U-Lock Adaptor?

The Vac-U-Lock adaptor upgrades the Motorbunny BUCK to extend the riding possibilities. The adaptor attaches to the seat of the BUCK, acting as a base for a variety of dildos. BUCK riders can pick from various realistic cocks and dongs with different lengths, textures, colors, and materials. The Vac-U-Lock is a perfect option for those who are already fans of Doc Johnson dildos, who have dreamed of bringing them to life during solo or partner play. The Motorbunny BUCK vibrates, thrusts, and never gets tired, while the Doc Johnson dildo adds the sensation of girth, length, curves, and more.

Should I Add a Vac-U-Lock Adaptor?

The Vac-U-Lock adaptor is compatible with many Doc Johnson dongs that range in design. Enjoy the sensation of switching between multiple sizes and styles without having to change partners. Doc Johnson dildos simulate a real cock with FIRMSKIN material, veins, head, and balls. Lengths range from 6 to 9 inches, with girths up to 5 ½ inches. A double penetrator is also available for enthusiastic riders who want to be thoroughly fulfilled. Adding the Vac-U-Lock adaptor to the Motorbunny BUCK will have you wondering, which should I ride today? The best part about a Motorbunny BUCK and Doc Johnson dong is you do not have to worry about either of them getting tired.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Motorbunny BUCK and Vac-U-Lock Adaptor?

Whether you plan to use the Motorbunny BUCK with Vac-U-Lock adaptor solo or with a lover, it will prove to be a versatile sex toy that will have you craving more. The BUCK is an extra sturdy fuck machine that will last for many years and includes its own set of attachments to enjoy. The Doc Johnson attachments build upon the versatility of the Motorbunny, giving the user a variety of lifelike dildos from which to choose. For use with a partner or two, the BUCK is intriguing for all genders, and all sexes can find a setting and attachment that will delight them. For people in long-distance relationships, the BUCK can simulate a lovemaking experience that couples can experience even when in different parts of the world. The Motorbunny provides a safe outlet for the single rider to explore sexual desires without the danger of catching an STD, available for use day or night.

Try a Motorbunny BUCK with Doc Johnson Dildo Today

The Motorbunny BUCK is an adaptable riding vibrator that can be upgraded with a Vac-U-Lock adaptor to give the rider endless possibilities for pleasure. The Vac-U-Lock can be used with Doc Johnson dongs with natural features like veins, heads, shafts, and balls. Perfect for all genders, the BUCK is a versatile fuck machine that can be used solo, with lovers, or from a distance over Wi-Fi. Take your lovemaking to the next level and try a BUCK with Vac-U-Lock today.

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K B.
Finally - So many possibilities

This is the attachment everyone has been waiting for. Shipping was super quick, I already had a couple toys that worked great. Im starting to look for more to add to the rotation ;)