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Free discreet shipping on US* orders over $50!

Ultimate Gift Set w/ Bluetooth LINK Controller

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$1,269.00 - $1,269.00
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Includes: Motorbunny LINK Bluetooth and online connectivity, 3 Premium Silicone Attachments, TPE Versa attachment, 2 different covers, wrist and ankle restraints, and knee socks.


Included in the Ultimate Gift Set:

  • Motorbunny LINK Bundle (4 standard attachments, 2 risers, 2 springs, 2 rods, A/C adaptor, Bluetooth/Internet LINK Controller)
  • Versa TPE Attachment
  • Wrist Restraints
  • Ankle Restraints
  • 2 Different Motorbunny Covers (Blue, White)
  • Premium Silicone My Friend Dick Attachment
  • Premium Silicone Clit Stim Attachment
  • Premium Silicone Mt. Gushmore Attachment
  • Knee socks
  • Returns for attachments and accessories are not accepted.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Wayne C.
Still checking it out

We are still in the experimenting with it, but cumming along. I will add to this as we play more.


My wifes favorite early christmas present, this is everything they say it is.

Jeffery F.
My wife's best birthday present

My wife has had her ultimate motorbunny for about a month now. She has had different toys over the years and has always talked about getting a motorbunny. I got her one for her birthday. When it got here, she tried about everything that came with it. It didn't take long for her to find her favorite settings and attachments. She has had two of her friends try it as well and they are wanting one.

Powerful quality

This bundle is great! Easy to try different attachments and find your favorites for yourself and your partners.
I like the covers, but having multiple of them doesn't seem necessary when you just clean them off with a damp cloth, and they can be a bit of a challenge to get on. I've left all but one unopened for if the first one wears out (which I expect won't for for w long time).
The Bluetooth link is my favorite part of this bundle. Nothing quite like laying back and "playing with your phone" while you watch your partner moan ;-D

Worth Every Penny

I cannot express enough how much the MotorBunny is worth every penny. So fun to play with, for both a man and a woman.

Amazing sensations, great attachments and good quality.

Will be riding this for a LONG time!