See Why Motorbunny® Beats Sybian®

  • Save More Than 35% Over Sybian
  • 0% Financing (Payments as Low as $25/Month)
  • 45-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 5-Year Warranty & 10-Year Quality Guarantee
  • Wireless Control from Anywhere
  • More Power, More Features (See Specs Below)

Motorbunny® vs. Sybian® Full Specs Comparison

Sybian®  MotorBunny
Rotation HP .04 HP .04 HP
Rotation RPM 0 to 150 RPM 0 to 160 RPM
Vibrations HP 0.059 HP .08 HP
Vibrations RPM 6,000 RPM 7,000 RPM
Weight 18.56lbs 17.4lbs
External Power Adaptor NO YES
Tie-ons None 4 stainless steel eyelets
Extra attachments $35-$98 $14.99-$34.99
Number of risers 2 2
Included Attachments 4 4
Warranty 5 Years 5 YEARS
Quality Guarantee NONE 10 YEARS
Guarantee 45 Days 45 Days
Bluetooth Capable No Yes! (requires Motorbunny LINK controller)
Online Capable No Yes! (requires Motorbunny LINK controller)
Financing No YES! (0%, payments as low as $25/mo)
Price $1345 $ 1,399.00


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Better than expected
We Love Our MotorBunny
Very powerful!
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Discover why Motorbunny is better than the Sybian

If you’re trying to consider Motorbunny vs. Sybian, we have the right details for you. Motorbunny is proud to bring a spirit of accessibility and innovation to an industry niche that has been historically unchanging and cost-prohibitive. The development of the Motorbunny BUCK illustrates how that attitude is propelling us into uncharted territory. For now, be sure to consider the product specifications that differentiate us from our leading competitor and make Motorbunny better than the Sybian. Check back often for new and exciting updates on upcoming models and new attachments!

To make it easier to absorb the information in the Sybian comparison video above, here is a convenient transcript.

Welcome to the Motorbunny Labs, where we compare the most popular products in the power vibrator category.

Powerful, ride-on-top vibrators have been around for over 30 years, but until now, there hasn’t been a way to truly examine your options.

Today, we’re going to compare the Motorbunny and the Sybian.  

Let’s take a look at specs, features, and company policies, one by one.

First, at their most basic level, these are similar products. Both are unbelievably powerful, but the Motorbunny has a slightly more powerful motor, making it the mightiest vibrator on the market.

…And it goes all the way to 11.

As you can see, the two products look remarkably alike, except for the Motorbunny’s four stainless steel eye hooks. Those are for… well, whatever you’d like to use them for. Motorbunny is also about a pound lighter.

Motorbunny comes with a detachable, external power supply. If there are ever any power issues, the entire machine doesn’t need to be shipped back for repair.

Sybian’s power adapter and controller are both hard-wired to the machine. They cannot be repaired without sending back the entire machine… and upgrades are never an option.

The Motorbunny standard controller is modular and can easily be replaced. With the standard controller, Motorbunny and Sybian are very similar machines, but when you add the Motorbunny LINK Bluetooth controller, Motorbunny offers new capacities that Sybian can’t come close to matching.

For example, Motorbunny LINK allows the controller to reverse the direction of the ‘twirl’ function.

Twirl me baby one more time.

This also gives access to hundreds of pre-programmed routines that human hands could never replicate.

You can also share control of your machine over long distances with a few simple clicks. How’s that for a long-distance relationship?

Mobile games like Fappy Bunny have already been released, and are available in the app store. This allows synced game play with the Motorbunny, and this is the just the start of this technology.

Neither of these machines are particularity quiet at max performance. Both are about as loud as a blender. We recommend using it on a bed, pad, or cushion to dampen the sound and vibration.

Each product also comes with the same number of standard attachments, which are, incidentally compatible with each other.

And on to the final, and most dramatic difference – price.

Sybian will cost you $1,245 with the Motorbunny coming in at $899 or $999 with the wireless LINK bundle. That’s almost $350 less for more features!

Both products feature a 45-day satisfaction guarantee, and a five-year warranty. Sybian offers a lifetime warranty for an additional cost while Motorbunny comes standard with a ten-year quality guarantee.

The Motorbunny and Sybian are both available to purchase online and in a few select retail stores. While Sybian offers a layaway purchase plan, Motorbunny provides zero-interest financing for one year.

While there are many similarities between the two, we think Motorbunny is the clear choice (but we might be a little biased.)

Hop on for yourself!