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Motorbunny Reviews

Based on 589 reviews

I’ve been teasing the wifey about buying one of these for ages. Finally did the deed for anniversary present.
She absolutely loved it! Thunderous multiple orgasms and full throttle was amazingly satisfying!
A fabulous addition to our sexy playtime!

Worth it!

This works exactly as expected. Unfortunately though, it resonates the heck out of any surface it touches, so I had to get industrial anti vibration mats to try to cut the vibes so our neighbors don't hate us.


My wife loves it!!! I got the jiggle butt for me and it's...interesting haha. Takes some getting used to but it's awesome.

Great Toy

Wish we got the arm rest and more attachments.

As the tittle reads

If you want more gushing buy this product

A must

If you have a squirter this is a must keeps things clean and dry

Must buy for your submissive

Very easy to use. Trust me there’s no squirming away from the motorbunny when you have your submissive tied down. 5 stars plus

Best quality

I've bought attachments from all the manufacturers and the motorbunny attachments are the best quality by far . This one in particular is definitely a favorite

A place for you Bunny stuff

Nicely holds the motor bunny and accessories, while making it easy to move it all around the house or for travel. Overall Fantastic

Motorbunny Rest
Kevin R.
Performed as well as it says

Was the ideal thing to go with the Motorbunny

Big and powerful

Definitely use lube with this guy! It's a great feel. Next time I'm going to use a riser. I couldn't even imagine using the bigger one! Wow.

Lolli POP

My wife made a wet sexy mess on our Sybian.

The Jiggle Butt delivers on all of Motorbunny’s promises!

I don’t have much to offer that hasn’t already been said; this is pretty much as advertised, and delivers on every promise made by the manufacturer. I do have a couple of caveats that interested parties should be aware of. First, the orifices on this are more than satisfactory for their intended purpose, but they can also be a little difficult to clean properly because of how tight and deep they are. The manufacturer may want to consider adding a small soft bristle brush or sponge cleaning kit to get around this. That being said, when you are trying to clean this with soap and water, it can become incredibly slippery and difficult to handle. The weight of the silicone material is unevenly distributed and can easily slip out of your hands, so hold tight underneath instead of on the sides. I also recommend drying in an upright position so that everything fully drains. This can also be difficult because of the weight distribution, so you may have to prop it up somehow to keep it from falling over. All that being said, I would definitely recommend, because its every bit as good as promised!

The Bunny Buddy will rock you

This will not disappoint you. My wife left a puddle all over the saddle. She said it a little firm bu tthis is her favorite attachment so far.

The wife loves it just wish I would’ve got all the attachments i paid for.

Everything to light that fuse

Unfortunately the intended recipient of the pleasure the starter kit can provide has not arrived. She will soon. I have unboxed and
examined all the pies, run the motors, and appears to me it has every thing to light the fuse of the rocket sled to the very pinacol
of her delight and our pleasure!

Link Liker

I absolutely love the link controller works great for internet cam sites

Screaming O

From zero to screaming orgasm in just a few minutes, I'd say my wife approves of the clit stim attachment.

She LOVES her MotorBunny

She won’t stop smiling ☺️ this has been a great addition to our sex lives. Well worth the money thanks MotorBunny!!!

Squirt Machine!

We found out about the motorbunny a year ago, but we weren't at a place to buy it yet. Finally (thanks to the economic stimulus package) we were able to buy the motorbunny; a device we talked about regularly for many months. When it arrived, it was murder to wait a few days to open it due to family being in town. Alas, we opened it. She hopped right on. Wow! We love experimenting with the controls. The Link (controlling with your phone) is definitely amazing. She loved it, I loved it. It was a squirt fest. So hot! We can't wait to get more attachments, and we are definitely going to purchase the case. Great buy. DO IT!!

A storage case the kids won’t accidentally open

We went away for the weekend without the kids and decided to take the Bunny with us. The Bunny case was perfect. The storage box is able to hold all the attachments (and we have a lot). The opening for the controller and power supply storage lifts up to allow easy access for storage of Mt Gushmore, Double Trouble, Wishful Thinking, I’m in Heaven and more.
With a set of wheels and retractable handle, it was easy to tug it from the car to check in, and up to the hotel room for a evening of fun.
Unfortunately, the stool does not fit. However, with a small redesign of the stool by Motorbunny (contact me if you need help), it could be designed to fit.
Not sure of the weight fully loaded - maybe at the limit for airplane checked luggage. If going through TSA, I am letting my hubby put it on the belt for X-ray.
Five stars for this product.

Satisfied girlfriend

My boyfriend purchased the chair for the motor bunny. It made all the difference to me. I am able to comfortably control penetration and stroking which creates an orgasm that makes me shudder. The chair makes it easier to keep fucking and not tire out so quickly allowing for more pleasure. This should be standard equipment with the motor bunny. I give it the highest rating possible.


To feel the power of the machine. To ride the machine to the edge of ecstasy and beyond. OMG what power you control at the tips of your fingers. WOW.
As this is my second machine to date. As my other machine blew up last year. I was totally lost without it.

Buck and Buzz a Hole Right Through the Fabric of Reality

Look... if you're here after hearing all of the tales about the Motorbunny Buck,... yes, they're all true. If you have the $$$ and you're somehow still on a fence,... the reviews might help sway you a bit but, really, just buy it. Y'all know what this thing does and if you need a little bit of that in your life. But be warned! There is nothing discreet about the Motorbunny Buck!

Live in a tiny apartment with paper thin walls? Rev this thing up and the neighbors are gonna think you're about to launch something into space. And maybe you will! Got hardwood floors (like I do)? They won't impede the Buck's functionality at all but get ready to hear 'em resonate in ways you never thought possible (and way before you get the chance to max out the dials). Thinking about keeping this stowed away for moments when your significant other isn't around? Think again! They can be halfway across the globe and the Buck's Earth-rattling power is gonna tip them off to what you're up to. If it doesn't, your silly, primal moaning will find a way to cut through dimensions and reach them. Or maybe they'll remain oblivious until the next time they see you and your legs are bowed all funny and quivering, hardly able to keep you upright. Your S.O. will say something like, "Unless you suddenly became a cowboy, [INSERT YOUR NAME HERE], and been riding the range all day, you've been up to some tomfoolery and shenanigans." and you'll cave and spill the beans. Which is fine because the Motorbunny Buck really is meant to be shared, and sharing is caring.

Those of you with interests in the occult: I'm not saying that the Buck is your solution to calling forth an elder thing with the haunting song of its people... but it's loud enough that such beings should be able to hear it. Whether they choose to awake and respond to you is their prerogative. Just... know what you're calling forth first, okay?

The Buck doesn't discriminate! As long as you/yours have/has labies or a starfish (or both, but at least one) then there's something here for you. Motorbunny has sold you (or hopefully will be selling to you soon!) the keys that unlock doors to realms you never imagined. Twist the dials toward eleven or use the BlueTooth functionality for remote control and witness the singularity. Experience the sensation of the ego being shredded apart. Along with spacetime. My goD, it's full of stars... and the incessant droning of a riding sex toy.

Has anyone mentioned how loud this device gets? Sure, your brain will melt as new forms of pleasure work their way in to every nook and cranny. But everyone's gonna know.

While Lot of Fun

All these products are well made and she loves the variety. Told her she can have her own 4-some.