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Now you can control your Motorbunny from your phone or tablet! The Motorbunny LINK controller is Bluetooth®-enabled, giving you direct control of the “twirl” and “buzz” functions within 15 feet. In addition, internet connectivity allows couples to connect and enjoy untethered intimacy no matter where they are.

Motorbunny LINK technology gives you greater control over your riding experience. Pre-programmed routines offer capabilities no human controller can replicate, and wireless control lets your partner direct the action from anywhere in the world.

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Motorbunny LINK is a modular control accessory that has three purposes.


1. Plug in the Motorbunny LINK controller The modular design of a Motorbunny unit creates opportunities to customize your ride with a variety of accessories. The detachable standard controller included in the Motorbunny Starter Kit can be removed and replaced by the Motorbunny LINK controller.

2. Download the App The Motorbunny LINK app can be downloaded for free on iOS or Android devices. Once the controller and app are ready to go, simply turn on Bluetooth, pair with your Motorbunny, and enjoy!

3. Experiment! With dozens of preprogrammed routines, the ability to plot “buzz” and “twirl” intensities on a timeline, save favorite routines and more, there are endless possibilities to have experiences that no one has ever had on a machine like this!

1. Plug in 2. Download the App 3. Experiment!


The Motorbunny LINK Controller is the first and only saddle vibe accessory that expands basic capabilities and offers remote control.

  • - Most shockingly, the Motorbunny LINK control fundamentally changes the capabilities of your Motorbunny, allowing you to reverse the rotation direction of the “twirl” function at any moment. No similar product has ever come close to offering this unique mechanical innovation.

  • - Preprogrammed routines let you experience a number of intensity combinations, pulsing in a variety of frequencies.

  • - Control, program and conduct sequences from your phone or tablet
    - Sync “buzz” and “twirl” functions to music

  • Sharing Wireless Control of Your Motorbunny is Easy.
    1) Open MB LINK app to instantly connect to Motorbunny.
    2) Generate a temporary and anonymous link.
    3) Send the LINK to your partner, who can open it in ANY browser on just about any device, no downloads or log ins necessary.


No one should be left out! Though some early units require an upgrade to work with the LINK Controller, we’ve tried to make that easy! Please check below to see if you need a fast and FREE upgrade to Motorbunny LINK compatibility.


For units with four pin connection points, or units without a modular, removable Controller, a free unit upgrade modification is available with the purchase of a Motorbunny LINK Controller. Just follow the instructions and you’ll have your unit back, ready to go, within two weeks!

Upgrade program information


What is the return policy on Motorbunny LINK Controllers? Does the 45-day satisfaction guarantee apply?
- We want you to be 100% satisfied with your Motorbunny experience, so of course!
What do I do with my old controller?
- If you must send your unit in for a free modification upgrade, you’ll be instructed to include your old controller for recycling. If you don’t require an upgrade, we recommend hanging on the controller as a backup, just in case.
What if the rider doesn’t like the routine or intensity that I choose?
- The rider can take back control manually at any time by turning the “buzz” and “twirl” dials to ‘0’.

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Motorbunny Upgrade Info

Do I Need To Upgrade My Motorbunny?
- If you purchased it this year, no. (Do make sure your serial number is FAO5,FA06 or higher.) You’re all set! To see if an earlier Motorbunny requires an upgrade, add the Motorbunny LINK Controller to your cart and a chart will help you to know if you need a FREE upgrade.
How long will my upgrade take?
- Most upgrades will take around 14 days from the time you mail your Motorbunny. Depending on demand for upgrades this time could be longer. We will post on this page the estimated upgrade time.
When do I get my Motorbunny Link Controller?
- Your Motorbunny Link Controller will be mailed back with your upgraded Motorbunny.
Can I upgrade my Motorbunny myself?
- Unfortunately, there is not a DIY solution we are offering.
Do I receive the same machine that I send in?
- Yes, you are receiving the same machine you have always had. Just rewired for compatibility.
Who pays for postage?
- You pay to ship it in for the upgrade. Motorbunny is paying to ship it back to you!

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