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Funda XXL

Funda XXL

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Esta cubierta de fijación de TPE proporciona una penetración aún más profunda y un eje más grueso.

  • NOTA: El XXL La cubierta del accesorio de acoplamiento se desliza sobre el accesorio de acoplamiento TPE estándar para agrandar y mejorar (se recomienda lubricación a base de agua para fijar completamente la cubierta al accesorio)
  • Cubierta de fijación de TPE
  • 6,5" de largo
  • circunferencia de 6"
  • Color carne realista
  • No se aceptan devoluciones de accesorios de acoplamiento
  • Compatible con Motorbunny Original.
  • Compatible con Sybian®
  • No compatible con Motorbunny Buck
Seguro Para el Cuerpo

Material TPE

Diseño Suave

Firme, pero Suave

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Wife likes it

Great size

Another great accessory!!! Super fast shipping, great quality!

Perfect Fit

As I am a fan of the provided attachments, I was looking for something much bigger.. the XXL dimensions suggested a more filling application but when received, it was a little smaller than I expected.. I guess I'm turning into a bit of a size queen so I grabbed one of my silicon attachments and slid the XXL over the rather large knob at the top of my pinky. This really did the job, it was a little challenging to fully mount but once firmly in place. I started the rotation slowly turning it up little by little until full rotation was engaged. WOW! that thing sent me to the moon, My hubby was filming the whole thing and I think the camera got a little wet from the spray that was going in all directions. I am truly in love with my Bunny and would highly recommend the investment for any of my fellow ladies out there that are interested in exploring the their true O-Potential.

Darrin H.

Arrived promptly & my girlfriend loves it!! She managed to ride it for 45 minutes!!

Gary B.
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