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All About Motorbunny LINK Technology!

Motorbunny LINK is...

  • The First Seamless Remote Control of a Power Bluetooth Vibrator

  • The Best Long-distance Intimacy Experience

  • The Only Way to Reverse “Twirl” Rotation

  • The Best Way to Introduce a New Rider to Motorbunny

What is Motorbunny LINK Bluetooth Vibrator Technology?

Motorbunny LINK technology is an evolving set of capabilities that give Motorbunny owners an entirely new world of riding experiences. Control your partner’s Motorbunny from around the world, use pre-set routines for complex combinations of “buzz” and “twirl” patterns that no human can manually replicate on any Bluetooth vibrator, sync your Motorbunny to music and games, and take control using voice commands. Motorbunny LINK opens the door to this world via a modular controller and free iOS or Android app.

How Does Motorbunny LINK Work?

Simple! Plug in the Motorbunny LINK controller, turn your machine on, and open your app. When you accept permissions that allow the app to work, it will automatically find and connect to your Motorbunny.

Long-distance Control

Motorbunny LINK lets you instantly share long-distance control with a partner anywhere via WiFi. At the touch of a button, a secure link is created to send over text, messaging app or email. Separated partners can remain intimate while sharing consent and control while apart.

Same Room Wireless Bluetooth® Control

Built-in Buzz and Twirl Combinations

Sync with Music

Siri Voice Commands

Design Your Own Routines

Clockwise and Counter-clockwise Rotation

Motorbunny LINK is the only remote control power-vibe with the ability to rotate in both directions. Either by manual app control or pre-set routines, this fundamentally changes the riding experience in a major way.

Games and Integrations

Motorbunny LINK is much more than just wireless control. It transforms what is already the most versatile power-vibe in the world into a fully-integrated tool for remote intimacy and playful exploration. Integration with the Chaturbate cam platform gives performers a new way to connect with their audiences, and games like FappyBunny are the perfect way to introduce Motorbunny to a new rider in an approachable way.

Motorbunny LINK API

The Motorbunny LINK API allows you to integrate Motorbunny machine responses with all kinds of apps and games! Get the documentation you need to get started by clicking the button to the right!

Motorbunny LINK-enabled Products

Frequently Asked Questions

Click below to read answers to frequently asked questions about Motorbunny LINK. You can also chat with a customer service representative by clicking on the tab at the bottom right of your screen.

Benefits of a Bluetooth Vibrator

Bluetooth vibrators can enhance and expand your intimate experiences. They offer app-based, and, in some cases, remote control to allow for more fun, flexibility, and even entertainment. Alone, they allow you to leverage a Bluetooth-enabled remote control, so you don’t have to mess with adjusting the device mid-session. It also adds an extra level of excitement, allowing partners to join in the fun and even control your device from across the room—or country! It’s no wonder Bluetooth-enabled sex toys are gaining in popularity. That’s why Motorbunny has invested in built-in Bluetooth technology.

But it doesn’t end with Bluetooth enabled sex saddles. Motorbunny is also leading the charge in teledildonic technology. For example, Motorbunny launched an app-based game (FappyBunny) that makes the Motorbunny LINK even more enjoyable. Motorbunny’s app-based tech is even compatible with other devices made by We-Vibe®, OhMiBod® and Lovense®. Learn more about Motorbunny’s integrated mobile gaming experience for sex toys.