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Estuche de Almacenamiento y Movilidad Motorbunny

Estuche de Almacenamiento y Movilidad Motorbunny

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El estuche de almacenamiento y movilidad de Motorbunny es la solución de almacenamiento perfecta para sus necesidades de hogar y de viaje. Cuenta con espacios personalizados para tu Motorbunny, controlador, 3 accesorios de acoplamiento premium, adaptador de aire acondicionado y un tapete fácil de guardar para silenciar tu Motorbunny y proteger tus rodillas.

  • Caja metálica para todas las unidades Motorbunny.
  • 2 ruedas giratorias con asa retráctil para facilitar el desplazamiento
  • Almacenamiento para Motorbunny, controlador, alimentación y 3 accesorios
  • Etiqueta de equipaje de Motorbunny
  • Estera amortiguadora de ruido
  • 14" x 23" x 16"

Los accesorios de acoplamiento y accesorios (incluido el estuche de almacenamiento y movilidad) no están cubiertos por la Garantía de satisfacción de 45 días y, como tales, no se pueden devolver.

Para viajes en avión, se recomienda envolver el estuche Motorbunny con espuma o plástico de burbujas; de lo contrario, se pueden producir daños estéticos.

NOTA: Como ocurre con cualquier situación de almacenamiento, siempre debe separar los accesorios de acoplamiento con un paño sin pelusa para evitar la lixiviación del material. (¡Los pantalones de pijama funcionan bien!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Nelson P.
Finally a nice case for the Motorbunny

Fitting the motorbunny into the case was a bit of a hassle, unfortunately. It doesn't not fit very easily. But once in, it looks nice. Im still unsure why the turning latches are there because they do not seem to help assist in keeping the trunk together.

Great addition to the collection!

We really like our new case! Well built and good looking storage for our MB Buck. Only wish it had room to hold our wedge, too. That’s the only way it could be improved in our opinion.

Mark R.
Perfect Storage Solution

I was a little worried that when I bought my wife's Motorbunny, we wouldn't have a secure place to store it. I'm so glad we bought this storage case. The Motorbunny fits securely inside - the foam pads on top and bottom make sure that there is no wiggle room for it to move around and get damaged. On top of that, the pad that it comes with is perfect for floor use. It dampens the vibration sounds pretty well and makes riding much easier on my wife's knees. The storage space for cords and attachments is big enough for a few extras, but maybe not all of them if you've bought more. I'd like to see Motorbunny sell a separate storage case for those. It comes with two locks to keep unwanted guests from getting into it. Overall, a great buy!

Andre D.
Great Case for the MB!

Great case for the MB. It looks like a ATA flight case containing professional equipment, security houses the MB, and has room for a few attachments. I wish it had room for a few more attachments but overall it's been great.

The wheels are great multi-directional wheels just like premium luggage so it rolls smoothly.

Fits other machines GREAT too!

For those of us who don't own a MB machine, rest assured this case will fit other manufacturers machines just as well! Has TONS of space for attachments too! The included neoprene mat is an amazing bonus in itself. I also found it VERY convenient that the rollers can be easily removed, If I ever need to fly with this case.