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Motorbunny Reviews

Motorbunny Reviews

Everyone loves their Motorbunny

"...promises to be one of the most powerful experiences you'll ever have."

"Best Sex Toys for Couples"

"As I said, vibrations range from levels one to 11, and I orgasmed at level four.""

Here's what our customers have to say

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Quick to Fix

Our Esther, that's what we named her, Esther Motorbunny, probably gets much more of a workout than average. A piece of her controller broke, it was tragic. But we reached out to customer service and they sent out a replacement lightning quick. We're very very happy again 💋

It’s pretty good

The bunny has a problem with the covers fitting snugly


OMG. The most amazing attachment y’all have. There are several different ways to use this. And have made several videos for my adult page. And of positioned correctly you can literally make you VJ into a personal vice grip. Just wish you had better attachments. The premium toys are the only way to go. The standard ones ended up like the melted or broke down from the lubricant. Not sure but I’ll only buy the premium just need more options

Custom service & performance

My Motorbunny link controller was acting up & they replaced it for free within a week and the quick & friendly response of customer service was amazing!! Secondly, this is the best purchase of my life & my girlfriend loves it more than me. Lol

To say we love our Motorbunny is an understatement!

Ordered a motorbunny bundle and loved it so much we bought 6 additional attachments the following week. I reached out to the company about something and they not only addressed it, they over delivered by sending an extra goodie as well. The machine is over the top. You can trust the company is as well!
This is one of the best investments in the health of your sex life. After 22 years of marriage we are enjoying the bedroom even more now than we ever have. Thank you Motorbunny!

Sheer ecstasy was the look she gave.

I bought the Motorbunny Buck for my wife. She couldn't believe how much I spent on it. But then, she got on and I turned it on. Then the look on her face turned me on. 1 through 6ish, she does good and can hang with no problems. 7 through 9, she's about to explode. 10, she has exploded. 11, paralyzed her and she begged me to turn it of. Yep, that's how it went... Three times within a 15 minute period. She wasn't worth a damn for the rest of the night. Money well spent.

Compact Storage

I was using the box the buck came in to store it for the last year. After trying to lug that box from destinations it became a chore…

I recently bought this case and it takes up less space than I anticipated. It fits the buck unit snuggly. Overall I’m very happy with the amount of storage of this case. I’m actually able to fit all the main components of the buck along with 5 attachments.

The only draw back on this case (not the biggest concern) is the lack of room for “Right Angle Wedge” (piece to make the buck stand upright).

If you develop a new case, I recommend making one specifically for the buck to accommodate all its pieces.

Lots of Fun!

PROS: Great product! Its definitely firm but a lot of fun.
CONS: It doesn't fit over the large adapter and it doesn't work with the riser for clit stimulation.

Best Gift Ever

I'm sorry gentlemen, but you have been replaced. No man has ever made me cum as hard as this thing does.

The unpacking process: It takes easily 15 minutes to unpack and another 5 to 10 minutes to set up with Bluetooth link.

Prepare: Wash all toys before use, there will be a light powder coating on them. Use foam flooring, yoga mats, whatever... because it is LOUD. It makes TONS of noise, probably just as much as a vacuum cleaner but deeper sounds. Dampening the noise on a mattress or foam will help a little.

The experience: It took me a few tries to feel fully comfortable with what I was doing - rocking on it, dropping my hips instead of staying tense, finding something to hold onto like my bed or my couch... but wow wow wow...

I seriously deleted my dating profiles. F$%k them all. This is the official male replacement system in my life!

Great Product, Even Better Customer Service!

I bought the buck model back in May, and by August I was having a weird issue with it randomly shutting off. Got in contact with customer service, dealing with both Jami and Carla. Never in my life have I dealt with such top notch support.

They trouble shot it at first by sending me a new remote, unfortunately that didn't work, so I sent them a video of the issue and by the next day I was in the process of sending the unit back and getting a replacement.

Great customer support behind a great and FUN product, look forward to more fun with the buck and hopefully more attachments in the future!

Don't hesitate, make the jump and buy it, you won't be disappointed, the women love it and it's the best sex toy I've ever invested in. Made only better by the customer support behind the product.

Dream come true

I was hesitant at first because it was a bigger toy than I have ever used, but once I got on it became my favorite. Never in my life would I have thought I would come so hard or so often on a fake cock. Toy of my dreams

New Toy

Arrived on time - no problems with shipping/customs etc from the US. Plugged it in and it works fine - bluetooth link working as expected.
Excellent build quality

Great, just needs a boost (Read more...)

The prospects of Motorbunny were promising, so we took the plunge and got one. We tried a number of positions with the bunny on the floor, on our bed, but our aging bodies just didn't tolerate using the bunny by itself. A little measuring and staging with spare lumber allowed us to find the perfect height for comfort and accessibility. As you see in the photograph, we created a cabinet to put the Motorbunny on - and it gives us somewhere to store the accessories. We have a thin layer of high-density foam between the Motorbunny and the cabinet to help reduce the vibration transfer and noise.

Once we made the cabinet so our not-so-flexible-anymore bodies would work with the Motorbunny, we started playing with the bunny again. Her first time on the bunny seemed like nothing was happening. We kept playing with the twirl and the buzz, even changed attachments and inserts. We thought it was a bust. We called it quits and had fun the old fashioned way.

The next night, she tried it again, but instead of trying to make it work she just went along for the ride. Several minutes later, she started lightly whimpering - that means she is building to an orgasm. Next thing we knew her face contorted and she started jerking and moaning - she was there - and because the machine kept going, it blew her mind away. I got over there to turn off the Motorbunny and helped her dismount. She went straight to bed and slept all night.

Our tips to new users -
1. Make sure you are comfortable.
2. Don't force it. Just enjoy the ride and let it happen naturally.


My wife loves it.

Take it slow~or make it fast!

I bought this as an anniversary gift for my wife~ she LOVED! Attaches easily to the Sybian and very comfortable she said. Started it off slow & it was hitting all the right places, turned it up just a little & she came so quickly! Trust me, this is a great toy to add to the box!

Gene E.
Better Alternative to Sybian Issued Riser

I found the original "red risers" were very effective but for some reason discontinued. Sybian issued a strange leather pouch-like riser but it doesn't seem to be as effective as the Motorbunny risers. Definitely worth the money for the extra bump your girl may need.


I’ve been teasing the wifey about buying one of these for ages. Finally did the deed for anniversary present.
She absolutely loved it! Thunderous multiple orgasms and full throttle was amazingly satisfying!
A fabulous addition to our sexy playtime!

Worth it!

This works exactly as expected. Unfortunately though, it resonates the heck out of any surface it touches, so I had to get industrial anti vibration mats to try to cut the vibes so our neighbors don't hate us.


My wife loves it!!! I got the jiggle butt for me and it's...interesting haha. Takes some getting used to but it's awesome.

Great Toy

Wish we got the arm rest and more attachments.

As the tittle reads

If you want more gushing buy this product

A must

If you have a squirter this is a must keeps things clean and dry

Must buy for your submissive

Very easy to use. Trust me there’s no squirming away from the motorbunny when you have your submissive tied down. 5 stars plus

Best quality

I've bought attachments from all the manufacturers and the motorbunny attachments are the best quality by far . This one in particular is definitely a favorite

A place for you Bunny stuff

Nicely holds the motor bunny and accessories, while making it easy to move it all around the house or for travel. Overall Fantastic