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Motorbunny Reviews

Everyone loves their Motorbunny

"...promises to be one of the most powerful experiences you'll ever have."

"Best Sex Toys for Couples"

"As I said, vibrations range from levels one to 11, and I orgasmed at level four.""

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Customer Reviews

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Get a rain coat

I purchased this on a whim, for a surprise for my wife. She’s adventurous but not an exhibitionist so I wasn’t sure what she would think. I read about he 45 day guarantee, and I figured if it didn’t work out I wasn’t out too much money and if it lived up to the hype then it would be worth every penny. Needless to say, we will not be returning it. My wife and I found a great position where she can ride using the flat attachment and I can take her from behind. I’ve never felt her so wet. She can be in total control of the pressure and speed and I can do my thing hitting her g spot. She can build the orgasm and take it slow or cum in a matter of minute(s). The attachments are also great. Lots of different sizes and styles. If you’re on the fence just get it. If she’s not into it then send it back, but if she is into it….buckle up and get a rain coat.

Exceeded expectations!

Bought the Buck as a surprise for my wife a few weeks ago. Shipped and arrived very so quickly I had to have my 15 y/o kid hide the boxes in the garage. (Also got the hard case) Thankfully, the packaging was very discreet so there was no awkward questions. I spent about 40 minutes unpacking and assembling, ran a quick test of functionality, and repacked in the carrying case.

Fast forward... the kids had an unexpected sleepover last weekend. I worked up the courage to present her with the most expensive sex toy I've ever imagined. I dragged the case out and presented it. As I pulled it all out and assembled it, I explained all the functions while she read a bit about it. She was very intrigued but equally intimidated. Now, we are not at all beginners when it comes to toys, but none of our playtime tools weigh this much nor plug into a wall outlet.

Fast forward again...
We attach the flat grinding attachment and she straddles it. I turn the buzz to 1 and immediately she understands this is a little different. I run it slowly up to 11 and back down quickly. She looks at me and says something like "this is something."

That was the last time I saw anything other than the whites of her eyes for about 45 minutes due to rolling back in her head as we proceeded to try out the full functionality of this beast. It was all that I had hoped and more. I got so turned on controlling her pleasure that during one of several breaks I had to give her the old tried and true. That pushed her over a few more times, then back on for a few more.

To wrap this up, the wife didn't tell me how many big O's she had, but I'm positive she lost track. One word of warning though...she wound up not being able to walk properly for a couple days due to her leg muscles being sore from all the convulsions. She made sure I knew that it was not an internal pain whatsoever. It was like working out too hard. Beyond that, she had a hard time keeping her freaky side in check for a few days too and I've got a ton of dirty talking texts and pics to prove it.

Hands down best thing that's happened for our sex life since we were sex crazed teens!

Sandy H.
Fantastic Scene!

She had more orgasms and linked orgasms than she ever experienced before. And sitting back wat hing her as I enjoyed a cocktail was magical. VERY pleased with rhe investment.

Orgasmic fun!

By far best on market. We actually chose after having tried all.

It is super easy to clean and has extra padding when you squeeze those thighs from pleasure.

Its size is perfect for personal play and incorporating play with your partner while using external vibration. We look forward to exploring all the possibilities!

We proudly display our buck and our motorbunny in our bedroom.

However, if you have small kids at home the travel case can hide it away.

Fredrick L.

I never heard her make the noises she made following use of the buck. She even begs to use it more and more. 5 stars