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Cubierta de Accesorios de Acoplamiento Grande

Cubierta de Accesorios de Acoplamiento Grande

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Ahorre $20.01 Ahorre $20.01
Precio original $40.00
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Precio original $40.00
Precio actual $19.99
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Precio actual $19.99
      • NOTA: La cubierta del accesorio de acoplamiento grande se desliza sobre el accesorio de acoplamiento de TPE estándar para agrandar y mejorar
      • Cubierta de accesorio de acoplamiento de TPE suave
      • 5,25" de longitud
      • Circunferencia de 5,6"
      • NUEVO color carne 
      • No se aceptan devoluciones de accesorios de acoplamiento
      • Compatible con Motorbunny Original.
      • Compatible con Sybian®
      • No compatible con Motorbunny BUCK
Color: Beige
Seguro Para el Cuerpo

Material TPE

Diseño Suave

Firme, pero Suave

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
She likes it

Close to the same size as me...but I don't vibrate or twirl. Good news is that I get to caress her while she is engaged.

The perfect size!

The is the perfect size just big enough to hit the ground spot and long enough to hit the a spot all in all a great addition to our bunny.

Miss K.
Supersize Your Motorbunny Experience

Much larger in thickness than any of the other Motorbunny attachments, the Larger Attachment Cover is just that - a thick, realistic "tip" that can be slid on top of the Medium TPE Attachment. This turns the Medium TPE Attachment into a thicker, realistic dildo to play with. It does exactly as advertised. Getting onto the Medium TPE Attachment can take a bit of muscle, but it really helps if you attach the Medium TPE Attachment to the Motorbunny first - then the attachment slides on much easier. Even with lots of up and down riding, we've never had any issue with this Larger Attachment Cover sliding off. It really gets a good suction onto the TPE Attachment that requires a bit of muscle to pull the two apart again. Make sure you pay attention to the measurements for this thick, realistic cover! It's definitely not for those who like small toys!


This attachment is simply AWESOME! I'm a squirter and this big boy hits the right spot and causes me to soak everything. It's my favorite so far! My husband and I took our Motorbunny to a lifestyle party this past weekend. There was a Sybian there also. The ladies that tried both overwhelmingly preferred the Motorbunny. This attachment was the most popular. Saw you now have a life-like attachment. Definitely going to order it!