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Free discreet shipping on US* orders over $50!
Press coverage
" Motorbunny has announced new integration with Chaturbate, allowing anyone with an internet connection — and explicit permission via a link from the performer — to control their rideable sex machine via a web browser."
Motorbunny, Chaturbate Integrate for Remote Device Control
XBiz - May 17, 2021
"In my opinion, if you’re not using sex toys, you’re really missing out. "
10 Sex Toys People With Penises & Prostates Will Totally Love
sheknows - May 27, 2021
"A typical vibrator doesn't work with cowgirl position, and it's awkward and challenging to attempt doggy style. So, when I learned straddle-style vibrators were a thing, I was intrigued."
This Ride-on-Top Vibrator Is Teaching Me More About My Body Than Any Other Sex Toy
PopSugar - May 27, 2021
"Toys for top daddies, vers queens, and power bottoms."
The 29 Best Sex Toys for Gay, Bi, and Queer Men
Men's Health - May 10, 2021
"sex toy bucket lists can help you get out of a sex-rut. And they can infuse your pleasure journey with a sense of novelty, adventure, and spice."
How to Create A Sex Toy Bucket List — and Why You Should
Healthline - May 14, 2021
"Like vibrators, fucking machines can either be used for solo play or with a partner, but unlike your trusty ol' wand, most of 'em can't be packed up in your suitcase."
15 Sex Machines for Toyin' Around in the Bedroom
Cosmopolitan - September 28, 2021
"This is the second time the brand has been honored in this category."
Motorbunny Wins AVN's ‘Best Pleasure Product Manufacturer—Small’
AVN - February 11, 2021
"Motorbunny, manufacturer of the famous ride-on-top vibrator, has inked a deal with veteran pleasure products brand Doc Johnson to bring its popular Vac-U-Lock technology to the Motorbunny BUCK. "
Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Adapter Now Available for Motorbunny BUCK
AVN - January 21, 2021
"Motorbunny has released a new line of attachments for its motorized ride-on-top power vibrator."
Motorbunny Unveils New Line of Attachments
XBiz - March 20, 2020
"Sex toys are for everyone — and the ways you can use a toy solo or with a partner are truly only limited by your imagination and your mood and not by your parts, sex or gender identity."
10 Sex Toys People With Penises & Prostates Will Totally Love
sheknows - November 16, 2020
"Do you ever just wanna revel in the stress-busting benefits of bumping uglies without having to hash-out some hottie's risk of COVID-19 exposure?"
WTF Is a Sex Machine? Plus, Why You Might Want to Try One
Shape - November 16, 2020
"We already have our list of the best sex toys for couples, but some of you kinky folks might want some sex toys that are a little should I put this...extreme."
20 Bondage Sex Toys for People Who Want to Get Kinky
Men's Health - December 03, 2020
"Kink isn't about whips and chains. It's about making small changes to have the hottest sex of your life."
Wanna Have Kinkier Sex? These 10 Expert Tips Will Help You Get Started.
Men's Health - September 29, 2020
"The most recent addition to the Motorbunny family is Motorbunny BUCK, the first and only power vibrator and thruster hybrid. It offers users the choice of a flat, vibration-only experience, a “Thrust” straight up-and-down motion, and “G-Thrust” upward and forward motion."
Motorbunny, the High-Tech Sex Machine, is Now Accepting Bitcoin
GFY - October 13, 2020
"In the video below, set up in front of the Fappy Bunny game console and a pair of gyrating sex saddles, Motorbunny cofounder Brooks Butler talks about current trends and how his company is embracing accessibility."
‘Let’s Get It On’: Motorbunny Sex Saddle Gets More Accessible with Voice Commands
Future of Sex - February 18, 2020
"If you're in the mood for a little excitement, but can't physically be with your partner right now, why not gift yourselves with one or two of the best Bluetooth controlled sex toys?"
11 Best Bluetooth Sex Toys Your Partner Can Control From Afar
Bustle - December 01, 2020
"Ride-on-top vibrator Motorbunny has won its share of awards, and now the popular pleasure product is available in Adam & Eve stores around the nation."
Motorbunny Is Now Available in Adam & Eve Stores Nationwide
AVN - November 11, 2020
"Motorbunny was nominated in the Best Pleasure Product Manufacturer - Small category for the 2020 AVN Awards."
FappyBunny Sex Toy Controlling Game Now Available for Android
AVN - June 23, 2020
"Even if you’re already in a relationship, it’s always a good time to try checking items off your sex bucket list."
19 Sexy Dares To Cross Off Your Bucket List ASAP
Your Tango - November 23, 2019
"Skye Blue and Rose Hips took on the classic game "Operation" this week while taking part in Motorbunny's "Do It On a Bunny" Challenge."
Motorbunny Models Try for Surgical Precision in 'Do It On a Bunny' Challenge
- October 25, 2019
"The £700 Motorbunny is a straddle-style pleasure gadget capable of a variety of "twists and buzzes" that you activate by barking at the machine."
Motorbunny is a £700 vibrator you STRADDLE and control ‘hands free’ with voice commands
The Sun - January 30, 2019
"It’s akin to riding a mechanical bull, except with a thrusting phallus and no risk of being bucked. "
5 Must-Try Mutual Masturbation Positions—Because Sex Isn’t the Only Way to Do It
Style Caster - January 31, 2019
"Kink isn't about whips and chains. It's about making small changes to have the hottest sex of your life."
Wanna Have Kinkier Sex? These 10 Expert Tips Will Help You Get Started.
Men's Health - July 29, 2019
"The Motor Bunny is a straddle-style "personal pleasure machine" that can really take your long-distance sex life to the next level."
11 Best Bluetooth Sex Toys Your Partner Can Control From Afar
Bustle - December 10, 2019
"Because when you're having sex with more than one person, there's a chance someone might feel left out, it's good to have something on hand that people can play with that doesn't require another human's touch, so to speak."
11 Sex Toys To Bring To A Threesome (Or Moresome)
Bustle - September 22, 2019
"Although intimidating at first, a threesome with two vaginas and one penis, requires something that's going to keep everyone feeling involved."
The 11 Best Sex Toys For Threesomes
- August 24, 2019
"Hasbro’s classic game Operation has an entirely new vibe thanks to Do It On a Bunny, the viral YouTube series from Motorbunny."
Do It On A Bunny’s Operation Video Making the Rounds
AVN - October 25, 2019
"The Motorbunny Club tells the story of adventurous couples seeking to take their erotic pleasures to the next level. On a quest to satisfy their most carnal desires, these lusty friends become members of “The Motorbunny Club,” purchasing sessions with the unique and innovative sex machines."
New Episodes of ‘Motorbunny Club’ Debut On HotMovies This Month
AVN - August 01, 2019
"The makers of the Motorbunny—a motorized ride-on-top vibrator with wireless Internet control, open API, and a plethora of attachments for men and women—took home the trophy for Best Pleasure Product Manufacturer – Small at the 2019 AVN Awards."
Motorbunny Wins Manufacturing Award at AVN Awards
AVN - January 31, 2019
"Motorbunny was honored for Outstanding Accessory for its innovative Mount Gushmore attachment at the 2019 “O” Awards."
Motorbunny Wins Outstanding Accessory at 2019 ‘O’ Awards
AVN - January 31, 2019
"The MotorBunny is another popular option known for providing “personal pleasure” and designed to “create orgasms that are multi-layered.”"
Sex Machines Sound Futuristic, but Really Aren’t New at All
sheknows - April 04, 2018
"Motorbunny is the crème de la crème of sex toys, but it costs you a pretty penny. That said, it is probably the most famous straddle-style personal pleasure machine with a classic ride-on-top design. "
8 Erotic Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Man
Out - November 28, 2018
"Motorbunny is another 21st century answer to the Sybian. It’s known for its “Spinal Tap” 11/10 setting, so if you want to go even more powerful than the Sybian can even provide, check this one out. "
Find the best sex machine: A practical guide
Lioness - November 05, 2018
"As the first saddle-style vibrator connected to the Internet, Motorbunny gives users the ability to connect with their partners across the world, opening up limitless scenarios for sexual creativity."
Motorbunny®, Progressive Saddle Vibrator, Debuts Internet Connectivity!
GFY - June 05, 2018
""Just because polyamory is unfamiliar doesn’t mean it’s wrong," Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals, sociologist, author, and resident sex and social behavior expert at Motorbunny, tells Bustle."
7 Little-Known Facts About Polyamory
Bustle - November 08, 2018
"Dr. Chauntelle Tibbal, sociologist, sex educator, and resident sex and social behavior expert at Motorbunny, believes that *anything* can be turned into a sex game or activity."
9 Sex Games That Can Help Bring The Passion Back In Your Relationship
Bustle - June 22, 2018
"This is the second consecutive nomination in the category for Motorbunny. The honor comes as the popular saddle-style vibrator has added wireless Internet control, allowing users to control the Motorbunny via the Internet or the Motorbunny app, making it ideal for users to have their partner in another city control the saddle-style vibrator’s speed and vibration pattern."
Motorbunny Earns Manufacturing Nom from AVN Awards
AVN - December 14, 2018
"Our customers want a very wide range of experiences, from penetrating to vibration-only. Mt. Gushmore adds another exciting option for riders who are looking for something more than the standard flat attachment experience."
Mount Gushmore Attachment Debuts From Motorbunny
AVN - May 14, 2018
"Motorbunny debuted its latest accessory which gives men an opportunity to experience P-spot play in a new way. The Keister Bunny is the first prostate stimulation attachment made for a saddle-style vibrator. "
Motorbunny’s Keister Bunny Attachment Lets Men Join the Party
AVN - March 30, 2018
"I like to try new things. How do you think I ended up with all that salad dressing? This particular sex toy — the Motorbunny — is a cross between an oscillating, vibrating dildo and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride."
I Rode the Mechanical Bull of Sex Toys and It’s Not for the Faint of Heart (or Vagina)
Cosmopolitan - June 01, 2017
"Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, a Yale University obstetrician and gynecologist, brought vibrators out from under the bed a few years ago when she began prescribing them to Yale Cancer Clinic’s cancer patients, who often struggle with early menopause and need to combat its side effects."
When Your Doctor Prescribes A Vibrator For Your Aging Vagina
HuffPost - May 17, 2017
"My next stop is MotorBunny, a company that’s bringing high-tech masturbation to the masses, and where the commitment to affordability is much the same."
VR, Sex Juice, And Fembots: Chasing The Future Of Sex At The Adult Entertainment Expo
UPROXX - June 01, 2017
"Whether you're playing the part of the submissive or the dominant, here are 10 sex positions you absolutely must try for the ultimate kinky experience."
10 Best BDSM Sex Positions For Kinky Couples Who Like To Get Down
Your Tango - November 02, 2016
""...the Motorbunny — is a cross between an oscillating, vibrating dildo and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride""
I Rode This Mountable Sex Toy...
Cosmopolitan - June 01, 2017
""The MotorBunny is not only a brilliant and versatile sex toy; it's also significantly cheaper than a Sybian. Save your money and buy one of these powerful machines instead!""
Best Sybian-style Vibrators
Sex Toy Collective
""...promises to be one of the most powerful experiences you'll ever have.""
The Most High Tech Sex Toys
Best Sex Toys for Couples
Mens Health
""Motorbunny was not kidding with that intensity warning. As I said, vibrations range from levels one to 11, and I orgasmed at level four.""
All I Have to Say Is...YEEHAW!
5 Questions To Ask Every New Sexual Partner For The Best Sex Possible
"I firmly believe that it is the most important new sex toy of 2016 and that it truly is a game changer."
Revv Up a Motorbunny: Thoughts About The Year’s Most Important New Sex Toy - December 08, 2016
"Motorbunny makes its debut, taking sexual pleasure to the next level."
Motorbunny makes its debut
Hush Hush - October 28, 2016
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O Award Outstanding Marketing Campaign
AVN's Best Pleasure Product Manufacturer - Small
AVN's Best Pleasure Product Manufacturer - Small
XBIZ Awards 2017 Nominee - November 21, 2016
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I firmly believe that it is the most important new sex toy of 2016 and that it truly is a game changer."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"This is a solid toy and a great investment in your sexual happiness and I give it a 5 out of 5."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I have to say that having played using both the Sybian and the MotorBunny, the MottorBunny kills it hands down [...] You guys fully ROCK."
Christian V
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"This is without a doubt the best toy I've ever bought my wife. "
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