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Electric Sex machine

Electric Sex Machine

An electric sex machine is an adult toy powered by electricity. There is a wide variety of sex toys that fit within this category including inflatable dildos that vibrate, rechargeable strokers, saddle sex machines, and multi-angle sex machines. Electric sex machines are available for use for all genders with the promise of producing an orgasm virtually hands free. The purpose of having an electric sex toy is that it does the work for you, taking masturbation to a whole new level.

Benefits of an Electric Sex Machine

Having an electric sex machine can be exciting and fun. Electric sex toys never grow tired and will be in the mood whenever you are. With a little practice, you can achieve orgasm every time you use one. For single users, an electric sex machine allows them to enjoy as much sex as desired without the worry of catching a sexually transmitted disease. For users in a relationship, introducing and using an electric sex machine can build deeper sexual intimacy. The electric sex machine can even fill in as a third partner. Owning an electric sex machine can help you build confidence in the bedroom as you learn more about what satisfies you.

What to Consider When Buying an Electric Sex Machine

Here’s what to know when buying an electric sex machine:

  • Budget: How much money are you willing to spend on an electric sex machine? Pleasure is important and a well-made sex toy will last you for many years. A high-quality sex machine will be reliable during use and will have a lower likelihood of malfunction.
  • Storage: Electric sex machines range in size from handheld to furniture-like. Ensure you have proper storage for your sex machine to keep it clean and discreet(as needed).
  • Space: While some electric sex machines can fit in the palm of your hand, othershave a larger footprint and will need more space for use.
  • Noise: Electric sex machines are powerful and can be louder than a standard vibrator. 
  • Material: Electric sex machines often use a mix of materials ranging from metal to leather. The insertable parts are generally made from body safe silicone or TPE.
  • Positions: Some electric sex machines can be used while laying down, sitting, or standing. Others can be mounted in the cowgirl position or used doggy-style. Consider whether you want a sex machine that can be used in only one or multiple positions.
  • Technology: Select electric sex machines sync over Bluetooth with an app, allowing users to control their toy on their smartphone or even hand over control to a long-distance partner.
  • Attachments: Will you be satisfied with only one attachment,or would you prefer to purchase a sex toy that can be used with multiple attachments?
  • Maintenance and Use: Do not forget to purchase the proper items to keep your sex toy clean. Also, it is important to check manufacturer specifications to ensure you are using a lubricant that will not degrade the sex machine’s material.

What is the BestElectric Sex Machine?

The best electric sex machine is one that fits within your budget while offering you the possibility of different experiences. The Motorbunny is a mountable, electric sex saddle that twirls, thrusts, and vibrates to your delight. Controlling the intensity of the Motorbunny is easy and can be done using a remote or through the Motorbunny app. There are many kinds of attachments that can be used with the Motorbunny including finger and penis-like dildos, and in conjunction with the Vac-u-lock option, Doc Johnson attachments. Other accessories include straps and a wedge for angling, ensuring you will never get bored with your new Motorbunny.

Invest in Your Pleasure

For a hands-freemasturbation session, try an electric sex machine. These state-of-the-art adult toys make lovemaking a real adventure. For the best electric sex machine, try a versatile sex saddle like the Motorbunny.