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$50+ Orders Get Free Shipping to Continental US | Discreet Local Pickup Available
$50+ Orders Get Free Shipping to Continental US

Wholesale / Retail Information

Offering Motorbunny to your customers is a great way to provide a premium, interactive experience, and show customers that your store is a destination for the most advanced, innovative, and versatile products available. 

  1. Upgrade your customers’ in-store experience! The Motorbunny LINK display and demo brings a whole new level of engagement with store customers. The Motorbunny demo will be the smartest, most engaging product in the store - from games and internet control, to the most powerful vibration they have ever experienced. Customers will remember and talk about this amazing interaction in your store!
  2. Customer Engagement. One of the biggest challenges in the store is finding ways to engage with our customers. Often customers come into the store with a defensive posture, because of insecurity, nervousness or embarrassment. The Motorbunny interactive demo gives store associates a way to engage with customers in a non-threatening way, through technology related topics like Bluetooth control, internet control and even app-based games that integrate with the Motorbunny.
  3. Cross-Selling and Up-Selling. For Motorbunny purchasers, there are fantastic opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell. Obvious items like our Premium Silicone Attachments, lube and toy cleaner are just the beginning. With Motorbunny’s stainless steel eyelets, products like cuffs, clamps and other types of restraints will be an easy suggestion.
  4. Bring the Perfect Customer Into Your Store. Motorbunny customers are people who see their sex life as something worth investing in. They aren’t simply replacing their old vibrator, they are seeking new and creative experiences, and are unlikely to stop experimenting after purchase. These are exactly the kind of repeat customers you want to have as long-time customers in your store.
  5. Price Anchor. Most customers cruising the aisles in your store will see and possibly interact with your Motorbunny demo and display. When they see all of the great features and value, hopefully they will buy. If they don’t, they have considered a really cool product for $999. Now, walking them across the aisle, to show them other small bluetooth vibrators in the $200 - $300 price range isn’t so difficult.
  6. High Margin Per Square Foot - In addition to margin percentage per SKU, one of the key metrics retailers measure products on is Margin Per Square Foot. Our slim, attractive display stand and demo machine only take up about 4 square feet. This will be the hardest working 4 square feet in your store.
  7. Motorbunny is the best product in-class, and at the best price! Your customers are likely to price compare a purchase like this. When they do, they will see that Motorbunny offers many more features and superior guarantee for a price that’s a third less than competitors. Your customers will appreciate getting great value!
  8. Looking for Sybian wholesale opportunities? Sorry, they don't exist. 

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