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When it comes to sex, we can all agree it should be fun and exciting. The ability to share intimacy in this way is unlike anything else in the human experience so it’s no wonder we remember and revere so many of these moments in our minds, writings and even our artwork. It’s easy to see why many of us want to relive those moments every chance we get – even when our partner is absent or we are simply alone simmering in thoughts of desire. It’s in fact part of the reason why adult novelty companies exist and continue...

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First of all, thank you! To all of you out there, looking, lurking and buying, the entire MotorBunny team thanks you sincerely. Your interest and feedback has been incredible, and is a great help in our mission to make mind-blowing orgasms more accessible for those who believe sexual satisfaction is a right—not an indulgence. We had no idea how deeply this mission would resonate with you all, and unfortunately, the high demand has depleted our stock of MotorBunny units temporarily. We’re happy so many of you have decided to “hop on,” and appreciate your patience as we ramp up production....

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After a very long wait we're online.  Orders are already being filled and we are excited to answer any questions you may have   

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