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Motorbunny LINK Bluetooth & Internet Controller

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Now you can control your Motorbunny from your phone or tablet! The Motorbunny LINK controller is Bluetooth®-enabled, giving you direct control of the “twirl” and “buzz” functions within 15 feet. In addition, internet connectivity allows couples to connect and enjoy untethered intimacy no matter where they are.

Attachments and accessories (including the LINK Bluetooth & Internet Controller) are not covered by the 45 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, and as such are non-returnable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
MotorBunny UP & running

Our MotorBunny stopped working and was over a year from the purchase date. We contacted MotorBunny and they overnighter few items and now we are enjoying our MB daily

Kathleen A.

My friends and I have sooo many good things to say about my MotorBunny with the Bluetooth controller! Operating my MotorBunny from my BedChamber while it is hard at work in Libertine Hall (my dungeon) is such fun! Myself and my friends at InnThrall give all of the stars for customer service and quality. It is so lovely as an oft-used element of the sexiest of erotic adventures, here!

Ri9 M.
Wireless fum that it's is.plug and play .it add so much fun to the motorbunny... then there is the option. To co trol with misic

Pete S.
Responsive Bluetooth system. Great accessory.

Great accessory. Customer service is fantastic. Hoping for more Buck attachments.

Lukas K.
Some issues but GREAT

Hey there,
i bought a Motorbunny Buck for my fiance and she was... to be honest...very scared of it first. After talking to her she gave it a try....and she loved it. There are enough attachments for everyone. But i bought that one for 1649$ (the doc johnson version). First i got some technical issues with the motorbunny link app but that was kinda like a bug. The support team helped me out. The only thing i didnt like (has nothing to do with the seller) was the tax of 303€ for import Germany. That hurt me. Be sure to keep that in mind. The money for that TOY is WORTH it.
greetings from Germany,