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$50+ Orders Get Free Shipping to Continental US

2022 Update: See Why Motorbunny® Beats Cowgirl®

Motorbunny vs. Cowgirl

  • 0% Financing (Payments as Low as $84/Month)
  • 45-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 5-Year Warranty & 10-Year Quality Guarantee
  • SEAMLESS Wireless Control from Anywhere
  • More Power, More Features (See Specs Below)
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Motorbunny® vs. Cowgirl® Full Specs Comparison

FeaturesCowgirl ®Motorbunny ®
Weight24.5 lbs17.4 lbs
Tie-ons❌ NONE✅ 4 Stainless steel eyelets
Extra Attachments ⚠️ $35-55✅ $14.99 TPE - $34.99 Silicone
Attachments for Men❌ NONE✅ Yes!*
Number of risers0✅ 2 Risers Included
Included Attachments2 Silicone✅ 4 TPE
Silicone Attachment Styles6✅ 10 
Warranty❌ 1 Year✅ 5 Years
Satisfaction Guarantee❌ NONE✅ 45 Days
Online Control Capable⚠️ via 3rd party-app✅ Seamless via MB Link App
App Patterns6✅ 10 Buzz, 10 Twirl
Music Syncing❌ NONE✅ Yes
Guarantee❌ NONE✅ 45 Days
Quality Guarantee❌ NONE✅ 10 YEARS
Bluetooth Capable✅ Yes✅ Yes
Online Capable✅ Yes✅ Yes
Financing❌ NONE
Yes (0%, payments as low as $84/mo)
Price$1345 $1399 $899
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Motorbunny Original
Motorbunny Original
Motorbunny Original
Motorbunny Original
Motorbunny Original
Motorbunny Original
Motorbunny Original
Motorbunny Original
Motorbunny Original
Motorbunny Original

Motorbunny Original with Bluetooth Controller

Add Bluetooth App Control! Motorbunny LINK is a modular control accessory that has three purposes and can be purchased anytime or is included with the Motorbunny LINK Bundle. The Motorbunny Starter Kit always comes with a standard controller.

$1345  $999

Customer Reviews

Based on 410 reviews
Matthew H.
There is a buzz in the air

The Mrs tried this out and after the first round she said it was very powerful and the twirling is very nice as well. She is looking forward to many more rides on this. She just wishes we hadn't waited so long before we bought it

How do you give more than five stars

I bought this for my girlfriend. Honestly, I bought it for us, she is the main user. I will be frank about how I feel about the Motorbunny, I am glad it is splash proof. We discovered something the day we unpacked it and set it up.

So Much Power!

This thing MOVES. It is crazy fast on the vibrations the tilt covers the entire inside. I cannot wait to use this more and more!

Do yourself a favor and get one

Slightly awkward at first but I think I set a new record.

Wife can't walk the next day

Best way to make the wife (and myself) happy in no time. You can tell right from opening the box that motorbunny company knows what they are doing when it comes to naughty time. The instructions should be read before your first time in the garden as they give some wonderful tips and tricks. Can not recommend this if you live in and apartment or condo as it makes our floors rattle. Overall 6 shaking orgasms a night

Discover Why Motorbunny Is Better Than Cowgirl

The main functional difference between Cowgirl and Motorbunny is the seamless Bluetooth and remote control of Motorbunny LINK technology. Motorbunny is lighter, and includes four stainless steel eyelets to be used for tie-on points for bondage gear. Motorbunny features a 45-day satisfaction guarantee, while Cowgirl has no policy stated, and the Motorbunny 5 year warranty far outstrips the Cowgirl one-year warranty. While Cowgirl's basic package includes two silicone attachments and the Motorbunny LINK bundle includes four TPE attachments, Motorbunny offers a wider selection on a la carte 100% platinum-cured silicone attachments at a significantly less expensive price point. In the end, for many customers, the price point is the most important differentiator. Weight your options and decide which is best for you!