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Bluetooth Sex Machine

Bluetooth Sex Machine 101 –Benefits and Details

Bluetooth Sex Machine

Sex toys have evolved to include all the latest technology, including virtual reality (VR), Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth compatibility. All these new features make it easier for long-distance lovers to maintain a sex life even if they are not in the same city. It has become commonplace to be intimate over video chat while your partner watches. If you are curious about Bluetooth sex machines, keep reading for more details.

How Does a Bluetooth Sex Machine Work?

Anyone who has used a pair of Bluetooth headphones can operate a Bluetooth sex toy. To use, the Bluetooth sex machine is connected to a tablet or smartphone over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Usually, the user is required to download an app that houses the controls. Sometimes referred to as long-distance relationship (LDR) toys, partners can use the Bluetooth sex toy to surprise their partner with a rush of sensation throughout the day or for lovemaking over virtual chat.

Types of Bluetooth Sex Machines

Bluetooth sex machines are a broad category that includes many types of sex toys. Sex saddles, automatic thrusters, strokers, prostate stimulators, blowjob machines, dildos, and vibrators are now equipped with Bluetooth technology. App-controlledsex toysletyou adjust the settings or power on or off your toy using a smartphone or tablet. You or your partner can program the vibrations, thrusts, or strokes during your lovemaking or beforehand for a hands-free experience. Some Bluetooth sex devices can be paired with a virtual reality headset for a truly immersive experience.

Who Should Use a Bluetooth Sex Machine?

Bluetooth sex machines are for both couples and singles. Couples can use Bluetooth capabilities to surprise their partner with new sensations while watching them enjoy themselves. Sex machines can teach couples about their partner's likes and dislikes and can satiate any sexual urges while apart. Singles can customize their masturbation on an app, then lay back and let the toy take over. Automatic sex toys allow singles to experiment and stay satisfied without the risk of STDs or pregnancy.

What Makes a Good Bluetooth Sex Toy?

Bluetooth sex toys are not cheap; finding the right one for you can be tricky. Sex saddles are a larger investment, but with so many features, the price is justifiable. Bluetooth ride-on vibrators include a saddle-like base that can be ridden in the cowgirl position. Various attachments can be used with the sex saddle ranging from dildos that provide a filling sensation to finger-like accessories that hit the g-spot. Sex saddles are the only sex toys that twirl, thrust, and vibrate while the rider sits up and enjoys a hands-free experience. Since sex saddles include both a base and different attachments, they require larger storage space. If you are looking for a compact sex toy that can be tucked into a nightstand, a handheld dildo or vibrator is a practical choice. They do not have all the exciting features of a Bluetooth sex saddle, but they still deliver a good orgasm.

Modernize Your Relationship

It is time to level up your lovemaking with a Bluetooth sex machine. Both couples and singles can benefit from using a Bluetooth sex machine. Whether you are looking for an intense g-spot orgasm or a simulated blow job, there is a Bluetooth sex machine ready to please.