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Automatic Sex Machine

Automatic Sex Machine

Imagine having a sex partner that never grows tired, is ready whenever you are, and can perform exactly to your specifications. An automatic sex machine is an adult toy that simulates the sensations of sex, producing intense orgasms. Sometimes called a fucking machine or dildo machine, an automatic sex machine can penetrate and thrust on command. There are many different automatic sex machines available, but which one is best?

Automatic Sex Machine Types

Thedifferent types of automatic sex machinesinclude:

  • Thrusting machine: A thrusting machine is designed to simulate hard pegging. In general, thrusting machines only go up and down or in and out.
  • Handheld automatic sex machines: Handheld varieties are slightly less powerful, but more compact. One worry with handheld dildos is they may run out of battery while in use.
  • Milkers: A milking sex machine is designed for use with a penis. Sometimes called a stroking machine, theysimulate vaginal sexor a blow job.
  • Sex saddle machines: A saddle-style sex machine can be ridden in the cowgirl position. The user mounts the base, inserts the dildo attachment, and the machine begins to vibrate, thrust, and sometimes twirl.

The Best Automatic Sex Machine

One of the problems with many sex machines is they only move in one direction, which can become boring after a few uses. The best automatic sex machine is one that offers an infinite number of experiences, can work with many different attachments, and can be adjusted to your liking. A saddle sex machine such as a Motorbunny can do just that. Motorbunny is perfect for masturbation or to build sexual intimacy with a partner. A Motorbunny includes a base that can thrust, vibrate, and twirl at different intensities. Multiple attachments can work with a Motorbunny including g-spot stimulators, p-spot stimulators, and Doc Johnson dildos. The Motorbunny can be controlled using a remote or over an app, which is perfect for long distance couples who are not in the same room.With different intensities and a wide variety of attachments, you will surely never grow tired of using your Motorbunny. 

What is it Like to Use an Automatic Sex Machine?

Using an automatic sex machine is a powerful experience. If you are using a thrusting machine, you will need to get into a comfortable position first. Typically, this is in the doggy-style position on your knees or on your back, depending on the design of the machine. Automatic sex machines can be loud, which is not a problem if you live alone, but if you have roommates you will want to wait until they are not home.Using a sex saddle on a bed or with a blanket or towel underneath can help to muffle the sound.Saddle style sex machines such as the Motorbunny are used in the cowgirl position. To use, add a water-based lubricant to the attachment, then mount the base, slowly inserting the attachment into the vagina or anus. Power the machine on at a lower intensity and experiment with what works best for your body. The Motorbunny will vibrate, thrust,and twirl to your satisfaction.

Try an Automatic Sex Machine

Automatic sex machines are a worthy investment into self-pleasure. There are many kinds offuck machines available, but the best one offers a range of experiences. A good sex saddle such as a Motorbunny can bring much needed excitement to the bedroom. With its variety of attachments and movements, you will be dreaming of riding again and again.