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Remote Intimacy and Motorbunny LINK®

When a Relationship Becomes a Long-distance Relationship

  • Instantly Share Long-distance Control via WiFi
  • Ideal for Separated Partners
  • For iPhone and Android Devices
  • 0% Financing 
  • 45-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Scroll Down to Control a LIVE DEMO!

See For Yourself! Control a LIVE DEMO Now!

You can control a live Motorbunny and see how real-time remote intimacy is possible with Motorbunny LINK technology. Just enter your email and click and slide on the interface above!

 A few tips before you begin:
1. Commands are sent instantly, but due to the video relay, you may experience a lag of a few seconds. Thanks for your patience!

2. Each user can control Motorbunny for up to 90 seconds.

3. Hop in the queue and watch others take control, or check back in when it's your turn!

4. Don't forget to check your inbox for your instant discount code when you're through.