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Sex Toys for Couples

Benefits of Sex Toys for Couples

Motorbunny exists to empower and enhance sexually creative experiences with high performance products. It is our mission to eradicate the monotonous, mundane, and “meh.” Hopping on Motorbunny solo is a blast, but a majority of our customers are couples who use it to take their sex life to an electric level. The benefits can be mind-blowing.

Using a sex toy with your partner can add numerous benefits to your relationship and add a lot more pleasure to your routine. While vibrators were once thought to be only for masturbation, couples who use sex toys together usually experience increases in trust and intimacy. There are many different models to choose from, which means there are infinite exciting possibilities.

Motorbunny is the perfect sex toy for couples.

The attachment choices make Motorbunny the most versatile sex toy for couples.

There are a few primary benefits to adding a sex toy to your relationship. The first benefit is the most obvious --- you will have more orgasms during sex. Many women cannot orgasm through intercourse alone and require clitoral stimulation. A sex toy can help couples to fill that gap and introduce additional stimulation during your lovemaking, exactly where you need it. Not only does an adult device add more excitement and pleasure, but it can build trust through communication.

Offering guidance to a partner while using a sex toy helps them to learn your preferences, sensitivities, and “sweet spots.” Once you trust your partner enough to introduce a sex toy or prop in bed, you will find that the two of you are more open to not just the toy but to different positions, acts, and you will find you have become more communicative about your likes and dislikes. A sex toy also takes the pressure off your partner to be in charge of your orgasm. This shift in dynamic can help them to relax and enjoy the moment.

So, which sex toys are best for couples? There are quite a few options:

  • Vibrating wand: A traditional design that is very straightforward with its use. It buzzes and can be placed on the clitoris. You or your partner can control the wand during sex.
  • Flexible wand: Like a vibrating wand, but can bend to hit the G-spot or the prostate. Use it flat for clitoral stimulation.
  • Wearable vibrator: Shaped like a “c” or “u”, a wearable vibrator, sometimes called a couples vibrator, is inserted into the vagina and may vibrate against the g-spot, clitoris, or both. Some wearable vibrators may include an additional attachment that can penetrate your partner anally or vaginally.
  • Strap-on harness: One partner wears the harness like a pair of sexy underwear, and a dildo or vibrator attachment is added to the front. The wearer uses the dildo to penetrate their partner or enjoys the sensations of the vibrator during sex.
  • Bullet vibrator: When you need a discreet option that travels well, a bullet vibrator is a great option. This tiny vibrator can be used to tease during foreplay or used to deliver an orgasm during the main act.
  • Butt plug: A butt plug can be used during penetrative sex, oral sex, and more. It allows you or your lover to stimulate the prostate. Some butt plugs can vibrate, creating additional arousing sensations.
  • Anal beads: Anal beads are inserted into the anus and then slowly removed. Modern anal beads also vibrate.
  • Cock ring: A cock ring is worn at the base of the penis and can enhance the erection by making it feel larger. The cock ring can also rub against the clitoris during sex. There are also cock ring butt plug combos for double the pleasure.
  • Sex wedge: A positioning pillow or sex ramp can help your partner find a comfortable position during sex or create an incline or decline, so you can find an angle that feels deeper.
  • Sex swing: A sex swing adds the excitement of floating in thin air, letting you or your partner move into different angles, upside down, backward, and whatever you can dream up while in the moment.
  • Sex saddle: A sex saddle or riding vibrator is a sexy furniture piece designed to be mounted. Motorbunny’s sex saddle is the world’s most powerful, with attachment options that vibrate as well as rotate. It is also the world’s first power vibe to be designed for use by both women and men, with attachments for both, making it an ideal sex toy for couples. You can support your partner from behind and caress them as they ride, patiently waiting for your turn. You can also let them ride solo and enjoy the view from afar. It is the best value for anyone looking for a Sybian-style sex toy.

As you can see, there are many different sex toys available for you and your partner to explore. Sex toys are not just for pleasure; they can help you build intimacy, trust and add excitement to your lovemaking routine. Whether you start small with a simple vibrator or get adventurous with a cock ring, sex swing, or sex saddle, you and your partner will see the benefits of getting creative in the bedroom.

Hop on together and enjoy sexually creative experiences!