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Motorbunny Original + 4 Bad Dragon Attachments Kit

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Get ready for an unforgettable experience with the Motorbunny Original Bad Dragon Bundle! This classic ride-on top vibrator will rock your world with its vibrating and rotating attachments that cater to both him and her.

Explore the unique pleasure of the "Mystic" Bad Dragon Attachment, featuring a smooth spiral design that stimulates and offers exciting angles. 

For a filling and fulfilling experience, try the "Flint" Bad Dragon Attachment, designed with pronounced plates, steampunk studs, and simulated foreskin.

Fulfill your naughty fantasies with the "Ika" Bad Dragon Attachment, featuring a curved shaft and sucker pads. 

Finally, indulge in textured pleasure with the "Orochi" Bad Dragon Attachment, boasting ribbed bends, curves, and scale-like textures. Compatible only with Motorbunny Original, this bundle guarantees hours of pleasure and exploration.

Customer Reviews

Based on 423 reviews
Works as intended!

This is not a toy, it is a machine, with one purpose, which it serves well. The various attachments are well thought out. It is loud, but I guess that comes with the territory, pun intended. It cannot be compared to a washing machine - the Motor Bunny is much louder!


Lady friend loves it would recommend

Matthew H.
There is a buzz in the air

The Mrs tried this out and after the first round she said it was very powerful and the twirling is very nice as well. She is looking forward to many more rides on this. She just wishes we hadn't waited so long before we bought it

How do you give more than five stars

I bought this for my girlfriend. Honestly, I bought it for us, she is the main user. I will be frank about how I feel about the Motorbunny, I am glad it is splash proof. We discovered something the day we unpacked it and set it up.

So Much Power!

This thing MOVES. It is crazy fast on the vibrations the tilt covers the entire inside. I cannot wait to use this more and more!