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Ask Dr. Chauntelle: Can Motorbunny Help With Blood Flow and Age?

Ask Dr. Chauntelle: Can Motorbunny Help With Blood Flow and Age?

When thinking about sexual behavior, it’s interesting to consider points where the physical, social, and individual meet. And when thinking about issues or concerns regarding sexual behavior, these three factors almost always come into play.

For instance, we recently received this query:

For older women who are suffering a loss of blood supply, can this situation be helped using the Motorbunny?”

There are many ways to consider this question. Let’s start by thinking about the body itself and circulation.

Circulation and Science
In terms of body systems, the circulatory system is the mode by which blood—and thus, oxygen, nutrients, and loads of other things—is moved out to the body’s tissues. It’s also the transport system to remove some waste products, like carbon dioxide.

Blood flow volume (the amount of blood moving through the vessels) has a reciprocal relationship with the circulatory system. For instance, blood flow volume increases during times of increased physical exertion. A healthy circulatory system will handle changes in blood volume in an as-intended manner. Things like hardened or smaller diameter vessels will impede blood flow, both in resting times and in times of increased volume demand. 


Sexual arousal is one state during which blood flow increases, upping volume. For instance, according to one classic study, the average resting vaginal blood flow of 9.8 ml per minute increases to 28.9 ml per minute during times of sexual stimulation.[1] A healthy circulatory system will handle this flow in an as-intended manner. Relatedly, circulatory issues may result in blood flow issues—including issues impacting arousal overall.

Note: Again, discussion here should not be construed as medical advice. Questions about medical issues should be directed to your physician.

Decreased Blood Flow and Age
A literature review published in Reviews in Obstetrics & Gynecology[2] cites studies that claim the prevalence of “sexual dysfunction” among all women is somewhere between 25 and 63 percent. The prevalence in postmenopausal women is even higher, with rates between 68 and 86.5 percent. Put simply, sex-related physical issues increase as we age—but since all sorts of physical issues impact bodies in myriad ways as they age, this pattern is really no surprise.  

Some physical issues, however, may be related to or exacerbated by social issues—and an individual’s own unique ways of coping. For instance, discomfort during intercourse is a common problem of postmenopausal women. Heightened anxiety and stress can cause dyspareunia (difficult or painful sexual intercourse) by decreasing blood flow to the vaginal area. In other words, something external can cause physical sexual problems. In these types of circumstances, people may opt to address the issues in several other ways.There are many “scientific” ways of addressing physical sexual issues that may develop with age, from pharmaceuticals to procedures. Depending on what exactly is going on, these solutions may be the most effective. It’s always best to consult with your physical about this.

Getting Your Blood Flowin’  
So, going back to the initial question – Can Motorbunny help with blood flow issues as women age? My guess is probably. There are several tried-and-true tactics people can engage to help contribute to increased genital area blood flow. Here are some:

Stress management – One of the most commonly suggested ways to improve your health in general is stress management. By taking steps to reduce the blood flow to your headache points, there is opportunity for it to go elsewhere.

Diet and weight loss – Weight loss is a fraught topic today, but they key point to remember is healthy, body positive weight goals. All bodies are different, and each comes with a balance point that optimizes its functionality. Though physical activity is extremely beneficial, this doesn’t have to mean getting jacked at the gym. Dietary changes like reducing alcohol consumption and salt intake may also help.

Massage – Especially for men, massages are regularly suggested as a way to increase blood flow. Two things are important to remember with this: “massage” is just code for masturbation (which can increase blood flow in all bodies, not just men’s), and massage can happen from the inside too. So with that bit of advice in mind, my best assessment is yes – Motorbunny can help increase blood flow in women who are moving through the life course.

Now, none of these ideas are guarantees, but any of these ideas can help improve sexual wellness and greater social and individual wellbeing overall—that much is for sure!

Be well and thank you for the question, 



Dr. Chauntelle

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