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A History of Bad Dragon

A History of Bad Dragon

Curious about dragon dildos and fantasy sex toys? So are we. This is why Motorbunny has partnered up with Bad Dragon to offer a range of fantasy attachments that are guaranteed to tantalize your inner fantasies while harnessing the signature vibration power of the most versatile sex machine on Earth.

In this article, we cover these topics about Bad Dragons history:

  1. The history of sex toys. 
  2. The origins of fantasy sex toys in erotica.
  3. Bad Dragon's early success.
  4. The quality of Bad Dragon toys.
  5. The Motorbunny X Bad Dragon partnership.
  6. An overview of the Bad Dragon attachments. 
  7. The Motorbunny X Bad Dragon bundle. 

By the end of this article, you will know everything you need to know about why Bad Dragon came to exist and what makes them so great. You might even find your interest piqued in one or all of the four Bad Dragon Motorbunny attachments.  

The Fantasy is Alive

Fantasy sex toys have become one of the fastest-selling items on the market. From tantalizing shapes and spectacular colors, they tickle the imagination while delivering earth-shattering orgasms. 

Bad Dragon is by far one of the biggest on the market; they began with humble beginnings and have become a giant within the sex toy industry.

Bad Dragon "Flint" Attachment for Motorbunny Original

They have gone from creating a range of bespoke dildos to becoming a household name within the fantasy sex toy realm.

Bad Dragon is geared to igniting fantasies and transporting you to other realms while pleasing your every desire. We partnered with them to offer their four classic designs as attachments for the Motorbunny Original

A Brief History of Fantasy Sex Toys

Sex toys have a long and surprising history. They are not a new concept, as humans have used various types of dildos for over 28,000 years. Their roots began as conception aids and spiritual tools to ward off spiritual attacks alongside being pleasure devices. The first dildos discovered were made with stone and an assortment of materials not considered safe by today's standards and available medical information.

While the first vibrator is credited to Cleopatra and consisted of a gourd filled with bees, the vibrator technology we see today is quite advanced. It has to be noted that until the early 90's, sex toys remained pretty standard and simplistic.

It wasn't until the late 80s when a ridable sex saddle was invented - as the original sex saddle, the Sybian reinvented women's sexual pleasure. Sybian is considered one of the OGs of ridable sex toys - that is until Motorbunny improved on the design and became a staple in the ridable department that delivers internal and clitoral stimulation.

However, despite the slow and steady advances, the most commonly found dildos remained a typical phallus-shaped toy with a standard assortment of colors and shapes.

This gap in the market was closed with the advent of fantasy sex toy makers such as Bad Dragon. Part of their early success was due to the novelty and excitement of a toy that caters to the most exciting fantasies while delivering sexual pleasure.

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Move Over Erotic Novels, Bad Dragon is Here

Erotic novels that titillate and tantalize the fantasies of ordinary men and women have existed since before the 1700s. They are not a new and novel concept and have roots all over the world. These novels have often brought to light some of the most sensual fantasies. However, the days of Mills and Boone's novels hidden in the bedside tables of housewives are a thing of the past.

While titillating, they simply don't cater to lovers of fantasy and otherworldly sexual pleasures. The advent of erotic fantasy has dawned, and ordinary sex toys don't measure up. How is one supposed to fantasize about the dragon god with a human penis-like sex toy?

Enter Bad Dragon's collection of wonders, from dragon-like dongs to elegant mystical unicorn horns. Bad Dragon caters to masculine, non-binary, and feminine tastes alike, whether you fantasize about dystopian cyberpunk cityscapes, intergalactic dragon lords, or perhaps a little dip into the whimsey of unicorn sparkles and forest fairy-like dreamscapes.

Bad Dragon has identified a need for escapism in the world of sexual pleasure and produced high-grade silicone toys that genuinely transport you in whichever direction your fantasies take you.

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The Humble Start

The fantasy sex toy and vibrators market thus far had few options - some of which were poorly made or used materials that were not entirely up to standard for premium adult toys. Seeing this gap in the market, the founders of BD brainstormed a series of dragon and Gryphon-inspired silicone toys.

By 2008, silicone was recognized as the safest material in the industry. It became the standard—the safety and benefits outweigh all other materials. It was the chosen material for any newcomer to the dildo industry. It also allowed toy makers to create spectacular color combinations and patterns.

Bad Dragon launched in June 2008, debuting at Anthrocon a month later. The new toymakers noted that the first day at the stall was quiet, with primarily curious stragglers here and there and half a dozen sales.

Over the next two days, as curiosity sparked and interests piqued, more and more stragglers turned into crowds, garnering over two dozen sales. The sex toy world was about to explode with high-end toys that spoke to any fantasy one could think of.

Since their advent, they have gone on to win multiple awards, with their collection kept in the cupboards of ordinary wives, husbands, swingers, sex professionals, and anyone else who has an avid interest in the fantasy realms or has an appreciation for well-made, high-grade sex toys. They delight folk from all walks of life and stand out against most dildos available on the market.

Bang For Buck

The loyal following that has followed BD over the years has steadily grown and has helped propel people's fantasies. Adult entertainers note that Bad Dragon toys bring in more clients, so they are worth the buck they cost.

The collections sold are unique and handmade, with special collector's items and customizable patterns and colors; they are unique and bespoke. These toys are indeed one of a kind, and despite being in the business for just over 15 years, they are not showing signs of slowing down. Collections are sought after and sold globally.

The collections have won multiple awards since as early as 2016. These funky and futuristic sex toys are breaking barriers and disrupting the way that pleasure is depicted. It doesn't have to be binary penises and ugly devices - instead, extraordinary toys offered to people with exceptional tastes.

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Motorbunny X Bad Dragon

Seeing the rising popularity of fantasy toys, we teamed up with Bad Dragon so our clients could benefit from the best of both worlds combined. Hop on to a fantasy attachment and take your solo masturbation or partnered play to new dimensions.

We worked with the Bad Dragon team to assemble a bundle of their four classic toys and turn them into attachments for the Motorbunny Original.

The Motorbunny X Bad Dragon Attachment Collection

The attachments are based on the brand's famous characters. Coupled with the ride-on vibrations and rotations of the Motorbunny Original, any user will be sure to discover new heights. They cater to those who love penetration toys with texture.

We know that size matters, which is why the Bad Dragon attachment range comes in two sizes - small and large. Each design is crafted to suit different needs. Whether you like something a little girthy or perhaps curves and ribbing, there is a design that caters to your unique needs.

Dive into the Bad Dragon x Motorbunny Collection.

The BD Attachments

The four classics are more than just phallic objects; they each have their own personalities and features that deliver incredible sensations.

These attachments are only compatible with the Motorbunny Original sex machine. They are made of 100% body-safe platinum-cured silicone, top-shelf dishwasher-safe, and easy to clean.

Here they are:

The Orochi

Motorbunny X Bad Dragon "Orochi" Attachment

The Orochi delivers a sensational insert with its curves and blossoming head. Scales and ribbed bends along the shaft offer added sensation. Grab your chainmail and let yourself be slain by the dominating Kaiju-Orochi. This attachment offers the best shape and size for those who want to explore and are experienced users.

You will be sure to discover new sensations with the Orochi.

  • Available in three colors, including Natural yellow, glow-in-the-dark Signature copper, and the exclusive Motorbunny Pink to match your collection.
  • Sizes: Small - 6.5inch and Large - 9.31inch


Motorbunny X Bad Dragon "Flint" Attachment

Next up, we have Flint. This large uncut member is the love child between Turbine and Bad Dragon Labs. This Motorbunny Original attachment is made to please with pronounced and rigid plates along the girthy shaft. Complete with studs, foreskin, and girth, it offers a filling sensation that can entice both the g-spot and p-spot.

You are sure to find every single pleasure spot satisfied.

  • Available in three colors, including a glow-in-the-dark Signature green, Motorbunny pink, and Natural bronze
  • Size: Small - 6.25inch and Large: 7.44inch


Motorbunny X Bad Dragon "Ika" Attachment

Introducing the Ika. What this attachment doesn't offer in girth, it provides in texture and length. The Ika has a glorious curve that is perfect for reaching the G-spot. With textured tentacle sucker pads and a textured base, you can set sail and explore the depths of your desires at any angle.

You're sure to ride the seven seas of bliss with Ika.

  • Available in Natural green, Motorbunny pink, and glow-in-the-dark Signature blue.
  • Size: Small - 7.25inch and Large: 8.75inch


Motorbunny X Bad Dragon "Mystic" Attachment

Mystical whimsey and unicorn horns are what the Mystic is made of. The Mystic offers a spiraled shaft with plenty of grooves and smooth sections to offer plenty of sensations. Don't be fooled by the whimsical design. This spiraled unicorn-style horn is excellent for experienced and inexperienced users, with its textured base to hit all the good spots.

Forget your stirrups and hop onto this unicorn horn for the bounds of steamy play sessions!

  • Available in Natural purple, Signature white, and Motorbunny Pink.
  • Size: Small - 7.63inch and Large: 9.13inch

Not sure which is the best attachment for you? Why not invest in the whole collection? If you already have a Motorbunny Original, we have a bundle that includes all four Bad Dragon attachments. They a

The Motorbunny X Bad Dragon Bundle

Motorbunny X Bad Dragon Attachment Bundle

We put together a Motorbunny x Bad Dragon Bundle. It includes the standard Motorbunny LINK controller collection and all four Bad Dragon attachments.

Sexual Pleasure With a Little Hop On Fantasy

The combined forces of Bad Dragon and Motorbunny have resulted in perfection. It is a toy that is designed for you to quite literally hop on to your fantasy and reach the best orgasms possible. These beautifully designed attachments powered by Motorbunny sex saddle technology create the most thrilling experience yet.

Adding variety and spice to any bedroom, we have come a long way from the first dildos and phalluses used as a treatment for anxiety and female hysteria. We've entered a power era where sex and pleasure can meet and transcend into new worlds. 

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