Four New Things to Explore This Columbus Day Weekend!

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Four New Things to Explore This Columbus Day Weekend!

We’re all about exploration!

Have plans for expanding your boundaries and looking out at new horizons during the upcoming long weekend? We sure hope so!

If not, here are four exciting ways to get out of your bubble and discover new things:
1. Visit a state or national park 
Nature is great, and you should go enjoy it with a friend or two (and maybe some mushrooms).
2.  Grill out Chinese food 

There’s not a lot of time left to enjoy the grill. Why not use it to make something unconventionally delicious? Chinese spare ribs are pretty amazing.

3. Stay inside and explore Earth from home
Because Google.
4. Do something new with your sex life
This is something we recommend every weekend! Obviously, we’d prefer you jump right to a Motorbunny for experimenting sexually with a partner or on your own, but trying anything new is a step in the right direction.

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