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Helpful Hop-On Hints: Introducing Dr. Chauntelle!

Helpful Hop-On Hints: Introducing Dr. Chauntelle!

Hi all – welcome to me!

My name is Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals, and I’m a sociologist – a person who looks at patterns happening in human behavior, as well as how and why they come about.

Since it would be pretty overwhelming to try to figure out every part of human social behavior, I have spent the past ten or so years of my life focusing on behaviors related to gender and sexualities. I have published research about sex and media and workplaces, have written about sex and human behavior for sites like VICE and Men’s Health (and many more), and even wrote a book about my experiences and insights.

Driven By Curiosity
Human behavior related to gender and sexualities includes everything from how and why we have the sex we do to all the ancillary ways we express and explore our sexualities – gender expression, sex media, sex phobias, and even sex in unexpected spaces where you don’t necessarily think it is (workplaces, politics, religion) – you name it! This “sex in unexpected spaces” idea is one of the reasons why I’m excited to be here with you and Motorbunny as a resident sex and social behavior expert.

To Hop or Not to Hop—To Question is to Be Human!
Motorbunny is a cute, friendly, and accessible sex toy. It can be an inspirational device and an invitation. But its power can also be intimidating or unfamiliar, and people may have ideas about sex that shape the way they think about it. This variable factor – individual feelings about something that are shaped by their own social experiences – gives Motorbunny an “unexpected” human element. It’s in this “unexpected” area where lots of questions come up.

Standing alone, Motorbunny is a fairly neutral object – an interesting machine with a useful purpose. But as social humans, we have the opportunity and the inclination to attach meaning to objects in general, including sex toys, and Motorbunny specifically. With this in mind, it’s up to us to really ponder what it is we’re thinking about and, ideally, find new ways to dream up positive meanings and sexual experiences.

What to Expect Here
In these blogs, we will talk out all kinds of sex things humans experience and wonder about as part of being social creatures – and we will have the opportunity to think about ways Motorbunny can help bring us to a new level.

You can send in your questions – and trust me, if you have a question, there are others out there wondering about something similar – and we can talk about them too (anonymously, of course!). 

Looking forward to getting to know you!

Dr. Chauntelle

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