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Personal Property: Making Chairs (and Sex Toys) Your Own

Personal Property: Making Chairs (and Sex Toys) Your Own

Things that are finite have limits or boundaries. A house has walls separating the inside from the outside. A school year begins and ends on certain dates. And though there are many types of chairs, an individual chair generally has a single, specific form.

Things that are finite aren’t necessarily absolute though – their “boundaries” can be changed. You can remodel the exterior walls of your house. A snowy winter can cause a school year to end on a different day. You can take your chair apart and use the pieces to make a table.

Though it’s interesting to think about things like chairs having the potential to be dynamic, the reality is most objects generally stay the same. That, and there’s also quite a lot of them.

Furniture is Just Furniture—Until…
Imagine, for instance, how many STEFAN chairs IKEA has sitting in warehouses around the world. Imagine how many of those very same chairs are sitting in homes with three of their friends. And though you can certainly take them apart and build something new with the pieces (or break them, either accidentally or on purpose), STEFAN chairs, like most of the objects we have access to, are generally pretty fixed and finite.

This got me to thinking recently: If an object like a chair is just one of many exactly like it, how is anything ever unique – or uniquely yours? Along the same lines, how can you connect with and get intimate via a fixed object – something like a Motorbunny? Let’s think it through...

Getting Personal: Making a Chair Your Own

There are lots of ways for you to make a chair – even an ordinary-yet-mighty IKEA chair – your own.

First off, there are many different types of chairs to pick from. Do you select a cushy, squashy armchair, something perfect for Netflix-all-day or a great book? Or, do you pick STEFAN and his friends to accompany your dining table? Both? Something else entirely?

Choosing an Object is an Act of Personalization
Here’s the thing: You’re personalizing your object simply by selecting the type you need or that suits you best.

There are plenty of other considerations, too. What color do you paint your chair? Do you decorate your chair with cushions or throws, and what do those look like? And what’s going on in the room around your chair? Is it a space for relaxing? Working?

All these sub-factors play into the ultimate question: How do you use your chair? Or, what service is it providing?

You might be thinking right now, What the heck is Dr. Chauntelle talking about with all these chairs? But truly, finding your perfect chair is not unlike finding and utilizing your perfect sex toy.

Doing this simple thought exercise with something as finite and commonplace as an IKEA chair reveals something that’s way bigger than furniture. Ordinary objects can actually be quite unique, personal, and extraordinary – it all depends on how you use them.

Getting Intimate: Making a Sex Toy Your Own
If you can turn an ordinary chair into a reflection of your personality, a hallmark of your needs, and a symbol of your interests, it’s super interesting to consider what you can do with finite objects of the sexual nature.

Like chairs, there are lots of different types of sex toys out there. Many (though not all) are cleverly designed and perfect for specific needs. But they are also fixed objects that have a lot of identical friends. Just like selecting a chair though, you can go through the process of personalizing a sexy object so that it works for you specifically.

Because sex is very personal in our current culture and comes with a lot of meaning, sexual objects may tap into a lot of different issues that, at first consideration, you may not even realize -- physical health, mental health, gender and gender expression, aging and the changes that come with it, relationships and the changes that come with those, and so much more. Just like selecting a chair that best complements, or even elevates, your home, you can select a sexual object that benefits whatever area of life you are looking to explore.

When you’re thinking about sexual objects, be they of the more ordinary variety or of the super unique specialty range, remember that you have the power to make that object your own.

There is nothing finite about your imagination or your desire. Like your perfect chair in your favorite room, a sexual object is a piece of a wider tapestry that you can craft to be exactly what you want.

Happy decorating!

- Dr. Chauntelle 

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