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When Will Motorbunny Be Back In Stock? UPDATED!

When Will Motorbunny Be Back In Stock? UPDATED!

Motorbunny Starter Kits are in stock very soon, and are available for pre-order here!

Motorbunny LINK bundles are available!

Motorbunny BUCK is back in stock! 

Remember that if you visit a product page and click "Notify me when back in stock" you'll get an email the minute the product is available again. Thanks for your patience! 

"When will Motorbunny be back in stock?"
 We've heard this question a lot lately, and we regret that it has to be asked at all. Due to recent global logistical challenges, some components have been delayed in our production process. This delay is temporary, but means that some customers may need to wait. 

If you want to be notified immediately when Motorbunny Starter Kits are back in stock, make sure to sign up for newsletter updates.  You'll receive an email letting you know we're ready to fulfill orders immediately.  

Thank you for your patience! 
- Team Motorbunny

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