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Easy Rider Freedom Sling

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Let Freedom Sling! The Easy Rider Freedom Sling frees your back and knees with ease, gently cradling you as you cruise off into the abyss of bliss. The sturdy construction of pipe and flexible bands includes handlebars for additional support and is designed for straddle and side-saddle support up to 330 pounds. Please note that attachments and accessories are non-returnable.

A slightly rounded base design makes it easy to lean forward or back for perfect placement mid-ride. The Easy Rider was created at the ideal height for use with Motorbunny Original or Motorbunny BUCK, but can also be used with a partner to give both a bouncing, zero-G-assist experience. 

Hop on and enjoy the freedom to stretch your legs out and enjoy the ride with the Easy Rider Freedom Sling!

Includes free novelty sex position dice!

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
A must buy item

This accessory is a must add to your collection. So much fun and lots of different things to use it for.

Sandy R.
Facesitting for BBW

This thing is the best thing for sitting on a face, esp when you're a bigger woman. Also works good with the motorbunny.

A total game changer

I bought the motor bunny only to realize that my legs arent made for this huge machine! And when I used it I was in pain for days after and was getting kinda frustrated then I saw they had this available and thought what the heck let's give it a try. Wow! Just wow! I'm a big girl over 250 and this thing supported me with no problem and I didn't feel like it was going to give way! I could easily position myself over the machine and it gave me alot of freedom and different angles to try also allowed me to bounce up and down which just added to the pleasure! Best part was I used it and had no pain in my legs, knees or hips afterwards! I would say the only negative I can see is 1 it was kinda hard to put together and 2 it's not foldable and would make it hard to transport there for making it obvious to the public what it is!

tom f.
Easy to put together.

Works good. My wife loves it. Works with the motorbunny or with me under it.

Will P.
Easier on the knees

The Easy Rider definitely help with pressure on the knees. I did think it would come with some sort of height adjustment but alas, it did not. I still give it 3 stars though. There is really no control of how far you go down and I have more control of that without the apparatus. Make the legs adjustable and I'm sure I'd give it 5 stars.