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Thrusting Sex Machines

How to Use a Thrusting Sex Machine

Learning to use a thrusting sex machine can be a fun adventure. Thrusting sex machines are designed to simulate penetration, hitting the p-spot or g-spot to produce an orgasm. To begin, place the Motorbunny atop a bed or on the floor. Adding a towel or rug underneath will dampen the sound and help pad the knees. After the Motorbunny has been plugged in, add an attachment and some water-based lubricant. Saddle up and slowly insert the attachment into your vagina or anus. Grab the controls or log in to the app to begin your session. Start at a lower intensity and gradually increase as you become more comfortable.

Benefits of Using a Thrusting Sex Machine

Owning a thrusting sex machine comes with multiple benefits. A thrusting sex machine can become a dependable sex partner that, with a little practice, can pleasure you every time. Single riders can explore their bodies and enjoy as much sex as they would like without the worry of sexually transmitted diseases. Masturbation also offers many health benefits, including stress relief, better sleep, and improved sexual function. A thrusting sex machine is also a great way to build trust between partners while adding excitement to lovemaking. Thrusting sex machines can teach both you and your partner more about your preferences and how to satisfy each other.

Buying a Thrusting Sex Machine

Before you invest in a riding vibrator, look out for some key features of thrusting machines to help you select the best toy for your body.

  • Depth: Consider how deeply a machine thrusts to ensure you have a comfortable experience. Some sex machines only thrust a few inches while others penetrate deeply. The size of the attachments can also affect the intensity of the experience, and experimentation may be necessary to find something that meets your needs.
  • Noise: Thrusting machines are powerful, and with that power comes a certain level of noise and vibration. Those with roommates may find a thrusting machine unsuitable for their lifestyle, but they can also wait till the roommates are gone to enjoy their personal sex machine.
  • Positions: Some thrusting machines are usable in one position only. Motorbunny thrusting machines are adaptable and can be used in cowgirl, missionary, and doggy-style positions.
  • Speed (RPM): The speed is how quickly the machine will thrust. A Motorbunny comes with adjustable settings allowing the rider to start slow and gradually build speed.
  • Attachments: Versatility is the key to keeping the thrusting machine experience exciting. Motorbunny Bucks have 3 attachments and can be upgraded with a Vac U Lock adaptor. The adaptor can be used with multiple Doc Johnson dongs to add new sensations to your lovemaking mix.
  • Space: Thrusting dildo machines are not small and require storage space. Leaving space in a closet where the sex machine can be stored away is important.
  • Power: A high-quality sex machine is reliable and will not stall during use or when the user clamps down.
  • Price: A good thrusting sex machine will sell at a higher price tag; the lower the price, the lower the quality, and the higher the likelihood of malfunctions and a shorter lifespan.

What are the Best Positions to Use with a Thrusting Sex Machine?

Motorbunny Buck is a versatile sex machine that can be used in several different positions. The Buck can be a hands-free experience as the machine does the work for you. Since the Buck syncs with an app, users can program their session and not stop to adjust settings. A Motorbunny can be mounted cowgirl style, or the user can place the sex machine between their legs and use it in the missionary position. Using the Buck with an EVA wedge allows the rider to switch to a doggy-style position. If extra support is needed, the rider can always hold on to a bed, chair, or partner to find what feels comfortable and pleasurable.

Who Can Use a Thrusting Sex Machine?

Thrusting sex machines can be used by people of all genders, whether single or in a relationship. Singles can use a thrusting sex machine to add adventure to their masturbation routine. Lovers who have grown bored in the bedroom can add excitement by welcoming a new sex machine into their lovemaking. Long-distance relationships can use Motorbunny to build intimacy with their partners even if they are not in the same city.

How Do I Use a Thrusting Sex Machine with Bluetooth Capabilities?

A thrusting fuck machine that works over wi-fi and Bluetooth can be thrilling. Motorbunny’s app is downloaded to a smartphone or tablet. While on the app, the user can adjust the settings of the Motorbunny, program their experience, and even play games while riding. Long-distance couples can use the Motorbunny to pleasure their partner from afar while watching over a webcam. For partners in the same room, they can watch their lover warm-up on the Motorbunny while controlling the settings using the app.

How to Safely Use a Thrusting Sex Machine

While using a thrusting sex machine should be a carefree experience, there are some important safety tips to keep in mind to keep it fun and safe. Before you buy, consider any allergies you may have to certain materials to prevent allergic reactions. Pay attention to the design of the toy and avoid anything that may have sharp edges. A sex toy with sharp edges can cause serious harm to the body once it is inserted. Once the item arrives, inspect it for any damage. Use your new thrusting machine as intended, paying careful attention to how attachments are placed on the machine, so they have the correct orientation. While using the thrusting sex machine with a partner or group setting, use a condom to prevent the spread of STDs, changing the condom between users. Always clean the machine and attachments between rides. Designate certain attachments for each body part. Thrusting machines thrust faster than a person, making proper lubrication important. Use a water-based lubricant to prevent any irritation and bruising. Store your Motorbunny in a clean and dry place where it will not be exposed to dirt or bacteria.



Motorbunny Buck - Thrusting Sex Machine

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Original price $1,949.00 - Original price $2,049.00
Original price $1,949.00
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$1,549.00 - $1,649.00
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The world’s first and only hybrid saddle vibrator and thrusting sex machine.

Original price $1,949.00 - Original price $2,049.00
Original price $1,949.00 - Original price $2,049.00
Original price $1,949.00
$1,549.00 - $1,649.00
$1,549.00 - $1,649.00
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Thrusting Vibrator – All You Need to Know

Have you grown bored of the standard vibrator? A thrusting vibrator can add excitement to your lovemaking and masturbation routine. A thrusting dildo is not limited to only vibration, it simulates penetrative sex, too. Thrusting vibrators typically have different modes, allowing them to thrust as fast or slow as desired. Available in many styles, thrusting sex toys include dildos with clitoral stimulators, thrusting strokers, g-spot stimulators, and more. Should you add a thrusting vibrator to your sex toy collection?

Benefits of a Thrusting Vibrator

Owning a thrusting vibrator (like the Motorbunny Buck) as many advantages:

• Safest Sex: A thrusting vibrator present the opportunity to enjoy as much sex as possible without the possibility of catching an STD or getting pregnant.

• Experimentation: With regular use, a thrusting sex machine allows a person to learn more about their sexual likes and dislikes from the privacy of their home. • Increased Intimacy: Using a sex machine with a partner can be a lot of fun. They can watch as you use the thrusting vibrator solo, or they can join in.

• More Orgasms: The best thrusting vibrators have many settings that give you an orgasm on command.

As mentioned above, there are multiple kinds of thrusting vibrators that offer clear benefits, but is there one sex toy that can outperform the rest?

What is the Best Thrusting Vibrator?

A Motorbunny Buck is a mountable sex toy that includes different attachments, a rideable base, power adaptor, straps, risers, and controls. The rider sits on top of the Motorbunny in the cowgirl position and the various attachments are inserted into their body. Once the Motorbunny is powered on, the user can control the intensity of its thrusts, twirls, and vibrations using a remote control or on a smartphone using the Motorbunny app. Various attachments work with the Motorbunny including dildos, g-spot, butt plugs, and p-spot stimulators. There are even rub-on flat attachments that let the rider grind to their pleasure. Other accessories include nipple clamps, restraints, and more. Motorbunny can go from 1 to 11, presenting a variety of opportunities to have a leg quivering orgasm.

Who Should Use a Thrusting Vibrator?

While most thrusting vibrators are designed for vagina owners, all genders can use them. Motorbunny has a large variety of different dildos, clitoral stimulators, and g-spot stimulators. You can also use Doc Johnson dildos with the Motorbunny. The “Sweet Spot” accessory can be inserted into the anus or vagina for p-spot or g-spot milking. For those who like to penetrate, the “Jiggle Butt” is a popular add-on. The Motorbunny can be used by both penises and vaginas.

Use a Thrusting Vibrator Today

Thrusting vibrators have many fun features to help you achieve an orgasm with each use. Using a thrusting vibrator can increase intimacy between sexual partners or can allow the solo user to learn more about their sexual fantasies. While there are many different styles of thrusting vibrators on the market, the multitasking Motorbunny is a wise. Invest in a thrusting vibrator today to add spice to your lovemaking.