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$50+ Orders Get Free Shipping to Continental US

About Us

Hi. We are Motorbunny.

Our mission is to empower personal sexual fulfillment by reducing the financial risks of experimentation.

We believe sex should be fun! (No brainer...right?) We also believe awesome sex should be accessible to everyone. We make amazing sex toys with these two tenets in mind.

So many manufacturers of sex toys describe themselves in terms of “luxury,” and “exclusivity.” It’s “wham, bam and bye.” This misses the shift in culture and economics that has changed people’s expectations of brands. Customers want quality at a fair price from someone they can talk to.

We already have a sizable investment in Motorbunny's mission through research, design, prototype manufacture, tooling and supply. Now it's up to you...Hop On!

Why are we doing this?

We have five core beliefs that Motorbunny was founded “hopon:”

  1. Getting off shouldn’t be a luxury. Everyone deserves to realize their maximum potential for pleasure. Anything we do should be affordable.
  2. You shouldn’t be punished for experimenting. If you have an issue, return it. No questions asked. No hassle. If it’s not for you, it’s not for you.
  3. Innovation is good for everybody (especially our customers).  We can’t invent the wheel. That’s been done. But we can make it roll better, for less money.
  1. Customers are relationships. Not sales.
  2. People should be treated fairly. Period.