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Giving Motorbunny as a Gift

Motorbunny creates endless opportunities for shared intimate experiences and memories. As such, it’s a no-brainer as a gift for someone you love.

Emotional intimacy and sexual intimacy are often discussed in separate conversations, but they are equally important to consider in context of each other. What you may see as a loving gesture can become a misunderstood signal if the presentation of your gift is not thoughtfully prepared.

We strongly encourage anyone considering joining the Motorbunny community to discuss the purchase with their partner beforehand, also but understand the sexy power of surprise.

If you’d like to surprise your partner with the greatest gift ever made, here are some tips for making the moment even more special and increase the likelihood it will be received warmly.

  1. Meet the expectations of the occasion.

What are her expectations for a birthday or anniversary present? If she hasn’t expressed interest in something like the Motorbunny before, she may see it as a sneaky way to encourage self-improvement. You might as well give her a vacuum.    Consider using one of your personal gifting occasions and using it to gift a Motorbunny to the both of you. For instance, celebrate your own birthday by giving your wife a gift.

  1. Don’t reserve it for a “special” occasion.

Motorbunny is for everyday intimacy. Rather than a traditional occasion, like birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day, consider giving Motorbunny to your partner as a “just because” gift. That way, she won’t be disappointed to receive a major purchase they weren’t expecting, no matter how thoughtful.

  1. Speak both languages.

Articulate why Motorbunny is an excellent tool to strengthen your relationship in terms of both emotional and physical intimacy. They are intertwined. You care deeply about the health of your relationship, obviously. Be ready to discuss how Motorbunny has a place as a tool for you both to enjoy by experimenting together, deepening your emotional connection through the continuation of a healthy sexual relationship.

  1. There’s no “I” in “We”

Gifts, by nature, should be selfless. Surprises are wonderful, but without any prior discussion the gift of a Motorbunny can put a recipient in a defensive position. They may jump to the conclusion that you are unhappy with their effort or performance. Any gift presentation should avoid phrases like “I wanted this for you…” or “I think that you need…” Instead, frame it as “we,” or even better, “you.” For instance: “We click together in so many ways. You put in lots of effort to keep it that way, which I appreciate. We deserve the chance to see how something like this can let us have even more fun together.”

  1. Don’t just give them Motorbunny!

Think of it like a speedboat. Sure, she’ll enjoy using it with you, but if you give it to her on her birthday, she knows it’s really just for yourself. Give Motorbunny as a bonus gift, alongside something she’s wanted for a long time.

“What did he give you for your birthday?” is a question she’ll be asked, and you’ll want her to be able to answer without thinking about how her only present was something for both of you.