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Free discreet shipping on US* orders over $50!

2022 Update: See Why Motorbunny® Beats The Tremor®

Motorbunny vs. The Tremor

  • 0% Financing (Payments as Low as $84/Month)
  • 45-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 5-Year Warranty & 10-Year Quality Guarantee
  • SEAMLESS Wireless Control from Anywhere
  • Classic, Sleek Design
  • More Power, More Features (See Specs Below)
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Motorbunny® vs. The Tremor® Full Specs Comparison

FeaturesThe Tremor ®Motorbunny ®
Weight13.5 lbs17.4 lbs
Tie-ons❌ NONE✅ 4 Stainless steel eyelets
Extra Attachments ⚠️ $30-$35✅ $14.99 TPE - $34.99 Silicone
Number of risers0✅ 2 Risers Included
Included Attachments1 flat, 1 penetrative silicone✅ 4 TPE
Silicone Attachment Styles6✅ 10 
Warranty✅ 10Year❌ 5 Years
Satisfaction Guarantee❌ NONE✅ 45 Days
Online Control Capable⚠️ via 3rd party-app✅ Seamless via MB Link App
App Patterns6✅ 10 Buzz, 10 Twirl
Music Syncing❌ NONE✅ Yes
Quality Guarantee❌ NONE✅ 10 YEARS
Guarantee❌ NONE✅ 45 Days
Bluetooth Capable✅ Yes✅ Yes
Online Capable✅ Yes✅ Yes
Financing❌ NONE✅ Yes (0%, payments as low as $84/mo)
Price$849 $899
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Motorbunny Original
Motorbunny Original
Motorbunny Original
Motorbunny Original
Motorbunny Original
Motorbunny Original
Motorbunny Original
Motorbunny Original

Motorbunny Original 

Add Bluetooth App Control! Motorbunny LINK is a modular control accessory that has three purposes and can be purchased anytime or is included with the Motorbunny LINK Bundle. The Motorbunny Starter Kit always comes with a standard controller.

$1345  $899

Customer Reviews

Based on 299 reviews
Eddie w.
Well worth the money

Recently purchased the product and was very satisfied with the product and the way it was packaged when it arrived at the door wife was very excited about the way it preformed when she tried and highly recommended it to anyone who wants to spice up things in the bedroom

Female reviews

So I notice that 90%+ of these reviews are written by guys. Why is that??

My wife likes the machine, but not as much as I would like her to, says it's just OK. For a grand, wanted her to love it and hopefully want to use it with me alot more than she does. She likes her clit suckers, on occasion she will use this, but definately not her first choice. Oh well.

Great Addition to the Bedroom - Worth the Cost!

We have a lot of different toys and devices to make the bedroom more fun, but this is hands down the most enjoyable toy we have purchased and will use for many years to come. Nothing quite like it and very versatile. Looking forward to adding new attachments of all kinds for more experimentation.

Amazing Addition !!!!

Added motorbunny to my play room and OMG!!!!! 😍😍😜 Totally pushed the orgasmic limits of my partner. Strong motor and swirl of the attachment. Made for great foreplay and super sensitive during the main event! Only setback it takes some time to set up. However my partner was a good girl and waited patiently blindfolded and tied up!!! She loved the anticipation of it all!!!!! 😈

Surprised the wife

I hinted to my wife that I was thinking about getting something. Once it came in she tried it with a few attachments. Talk about enjoying herself. We have only used it the one time and cannot wait for the next. Our daughter moved back home so a little shy about her hearing it So waiting for the right time. We may have to send to the movies to.get the house back to ourselves.

Shipping was fast and customer service has been great. No problems with it. I had a few pre-sales questions.

Discover why Motorbunny is better than The Tremor

If you’re trying to consider Motorbunny vs. The Tremor, it’s a no-brainer. Motorbunny is proud to bring a spirit of accessibility and innovation to the power-vibe industry beyond a simple change in the shape of the machine. There are better experiences out there! It's really the difference between buying a Tesla and a Chrysler. Be sure to consider the product specifications that differentiate us from The Tremor and make Motorbunny a better choice.

Other Tremor Alternatives

Motorbunny vs. Sybian

If you’re trying to consider Motorbunny vs. Sybian, we have the right details for you. Motorbunny is proud to bring a spirit of accessibility and innovation to an industry niche that has been historically unchanging and cost-prohibitive. The development of the Motorbunny BUCK illustrates how that attitude is propelling us into uncharted territory. For now, be sure to consider the product specifications that differentiate us from our leading competitor and make Motorbunny better than the Sybian. Check back often for new and exciting updates on upcoming models and new attachments!  Learn more how about Motorbunny beats the Sybian.

Motorbunny vs. The Cowgirl

The main functional difference between Cowgirl and Motorbunny is the seamless Bluetooth and remote control of Motorbunny LINK technology. Motorbunny is lighter, and includes four stainless steel eyelets to be used for tie-on points for bondage gear. Motorbunny features a 45-day satisfaction guarantee, while Cowgirl has no policy stated, and the Motorbunny 5 year warranty far outstrips the Cowgirl one-year warranty. While Cowgirl's basic package includes two silicone attachments and the Motorbunny LINK bundle includes four TPE attachments, Motorbunny offers a wider selection on a la carte 100% platinum-cured silicone attachments at a significantly less expensive price point. In the end, for many customers, the price point is the most important differentiator. Weight your options and decide which is best for you!  Learn more about this competitor here and why Motorbunny is better.