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Dungeon Master Forced Orgasm Belt

Dungeon Master Forced Orgasm Belt

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Slide into this DM!  What is the Dungeon Master?  lt is a custom-made leather BDSM harness to strap a rider down for mind-bending forced orgasm adventures! Designed specifically for Motorbunny in partnership with custom gear crafters Red Room Accessories, Dungeon Master takes advantage of the built in tie-down eyelets of Motorbunny and is the ideal Sub training tool.
    • Made in US 🇺🇸, compatible with all Motorbunny.
    • Not compatible with Sybian. Accessories not eligible for return.
    Size Above hip waist circumference
    S/M 28” up to 40”
    L/XL 36” up to 60”

    • Soft, genuine cowhide

    • Hand-stitched with heavy duty harness thread

    • Braided, water-resistant neoprene interior liner

    • Large, double-capped, nickel-plated rivets

    •  Nickel-plated buckles

    •  Zinc-plated attachment point carabiners

    •  Heavy-duty motochap leather tie-down and cinch straps

    •  Two additional restraint tie-on points

    Size: S/M (28” up to 40”)

    More info about Forced Orgasms

    What is Forced Orgasm?

    What is Forced Orgasm?

    Forced Orgasm is the practice of consenting to a partner initiating and facilitating a string of orgasms, typically using a vibrator or other tool. The practice is outlined here for more information. Additionally, everything Motorbunny does is about consent and control. BDSM scenes that include products like the Dungeon Master Forced Orgasm Belt should be discussed beforehand and tools like safe words and other signals are recommended for safe usage.

    Forced Orgasm Belt 101

    Planning a Forced Orgasm

    A forced orgasm should not be forced and should be planned out beforehand. In BDSM power dynamics, it is always established that the sub will not be allowed to orgasm until they have begged a certain number of times. This builds anticipation and excitement, resulting in more powerful climaxes. Forced orgasms are only practiced by lovers who fully trust one another. One partner plays the submissive while the other plays the dominant, also known as the one with control. The submissive pretends they do not want an orgasm while the master orders them to be pleasured. The submissive asks if they have permission to climax, and the master teases them that they must wait. The submissive is finally allowed to orgasm when they can no longer hold back. The process repeats until the submissive cannot take it anymore or uses a safe word.

    What is a Forced Orgasm Belt?

    Using restraints can enhance the forced orgasm experience. A forced orgasm belt is an accessory worn by a willing partner that presses an adult toy against their body, massaging them until they climax. They are a play on chastity belts previously used to prevent women from engaging in sex. Orgasm belts are made from high-quality leather or leather-like material and nickel. The belt is placed around the waist and buckled into place. The crotch is used in conjunction with a vibrator, dildo, or sex toy of choice. While forced orgasm belts can be used while playing with a lover, they can also be used solo for an intense hands-free masturbation experience.

    Sometimes referred to as a bondage belt, forced orgasm belts are available in various styles. The forced orgasm belt is traditionally used with a vibrator or magic wand. The belt does an excellent job of holding the toy in just the right spot. Some forced orgasm belts are designed to work with other vibrators and anal plugs. In recent years, forced orgasm belts have been upgraded to work with sex machines, such as a Motorbunny. The Dungeon Master Forced Orgasm Belt includes restraints that bind your lover to the sex saddle, holding them securely in place while they enjoy the ride.

    How to Use a Forced Orgasm Belt

    Playing with a forced orgasm belt can be pleasurable for all partners. Before you begin your lovemaking, discuss what you hope to experience, establish a distinguishable safe word, and set boundaries. You can even let your partner know you would only like to orgasm several times. Some partners enjoy switching and taking turns wearing the belt.

    A forced orgasm belt can be a pleasurable tool used for erotic bedroom fun. You and your lover will enjoy watching each other squirm and experience orgasm after orgasm. Add a forced orgasm belt to your lovemaking and play out your kinkiest bondage fantasies.

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