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Jiggle Butt for Men

Slap it, spank it, crank it up! The Jiggle Butt (Patent Pending) is exacty what it sounds like. Attach it to the Motorbunny unit and harness the power of the powerful “Buzz” and “Twirl” functions. The soft TPR material includes two insertion points to spice things up, and is easily cleaned.

The Motorbunny Jiggle Butt finally offers a way for penis owners to enjoy Motorbunny for direct, penile stimulation! Made from soft TPR materials, the Jiggle Butt is easily fitted to the Motorbunny like any attachment, and offers the same vibrational (“buzz”) and rotational (“twirl”) intensity thousands of users have come to appreciate. The Jiggle Butt offers full insertion capabilities, with both vaginal and anal likenesses.

  • NOW constructed with an even firmer, more durable TPR material
  • Vagina and anus approximations provide insertion options
  • Includes two plastic vibration points to attach to the Motorbunny receiver
  • Wash with soap and warm water.
  • Returns for attachments not accepted.
  • Only compatible with Motorbunny Original
  • Not compatible with Motorbunny Buck
  • Non-returnable

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Brett M.
One Hot Piece of...

My gal and I cam on a regular basis and we bought the motorbunny to add some...spice to the shows. She almost flatout demanded we get the jiggle butt for the times when she "needs a break", lol! Let me tell you... A.. This bootie feels amazing, soft, squishy and TIGHT where it needs to be! It is a good time for men straight or otherwise. I also use this to cam solo and it is a big draw! Most importantly though, this definitely gets you going. Drilling into this is a good time and we HIGHLY recommend it. Ladies, see what your man would look like doing another will turn you on...We'd share photos but they are definitely NSFW...


Was hoping more of the vibration would travel throughout the whole piece but good on the tip when you push into the riser bar.
Better than any other toy I have found for men though.

I been waiting for 2 months now when can I get one

I been waiting for 2 months now can u please make more I need one pls

Steven C.
Pretty sure I saw Jesus

This attachment is flat out amazing! I purchased the Motor Bunny for my female friends, but it is now for me as well.

About time

Finally a sex toy company that finally has some consideration for the straight males in this world.
I’ve tried to get Symbian to consider having a vaginitis attachment and all they want
To do is cater to women and gays. What a narrow minded bunch of bastards