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Rusty's Pro Tromboner

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Unleash Your Rhythmic Genius With a Whimsical Twist

Introducing "Rusty's Pro Tromboner," where your musical aspirations meet toe-tapping fun and a sprinkle of whimsy! Inspired by the classic game "Trombone Champ," this is not your ordinary rhythm game.

Gameplay Highlights

  • 🎵 Import ANY song in Trombone Champ format.
  • 🎼 Master intricate rhythms and melody patterns.
  • 🤩 Engaging visual effects to enhance your gameplay.

More Than Just a Game Unlock a realm of interactive pleasure as your music syncing is not confined to just the screen:

  • 🤝 Fully integrated with Motorbunny and more devices soon!
  • 🌈 Easy or Hard mode so there’s fun at all skill levels!
  • 🎉 Elevate social gatherings or enjoy solo sessions.

Why Rusty's Pro Tromboner?

  • 🚀 Innovation:  First of its kind to integrate with multiple pleasure devices.
  • 😄 Fun: Designed with whimsical and engaging elements to keep you entertained.
  • 🌐 Community: Share your scores, challenge friends, and discover new songs through our vibrant community.


  • Android
  • iOS

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