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A Roaring Ride at Exxxotica Miami: My Motorbunny Experience!

A Roaring Ride at Exxxotica Miami: My Motorbunny Experience!

Exxxotica Miami is renowned for its electrifying adult entertainment, bringing together enthusiasts and professionals from all walks of life. This year, I had the privilege of attending the event and even had the opportunity to teach a class on an exciting topic: Forced Orgasms. In addition I also taught classes on Chastity and Electrical Play.

Exxxotica Miami is not just your average adult convention; it's a celebration of all things pleasure-related. From steamy performances by adult film stars to provocative workshops, this event draws a diverse crowd of open-minded individuals who embrace and celebrate their sexuality. As an attendee, I was blown away by the inclusivity and acceptance of all attendees, making it a liberating and unforgettable experience. On the floor itself, there were so many vendors, content creators and people who were passionate about the event. Mixed in were cages, poles and all kinds of erotic furniture.

We began the weekend with the Electrical play class. (Ed. note: Motorbunny has an e-stim attachment coming soon!) In something called the "Dungeon Experience" participants got up close and personal with electrical play and got to experience it. This was a great way for people to experience something that causes fear in a lot of people. I had some people who were new to electrical play, and even some people who couldn't get enough of it. At the conclusion of the class, a lot of participants left with questions on where to get one.

Next we had the chastity class. As is typical of this class when I teach it, it was filled with a lot of veterans of chastity. One gentleman had done a one year contract which was impressive. It is slightly amazing to think of all the people there that you wouldn't know were locked up while they are wearing clothes. Heck, there could be someone around YOU right now locked up. An interesting thing to think about. (Ed. note: We can't even imagine this.) 

I was both honored and excited to share my knowledge about forced orgasms. The class was filled with enthusiasts eager to learn more about this topic. While other products were featured, the main thing to demonstrate was the Motorbunny BUCK. People in the class had questions about the device. While event rules prohibited a more detailed demonstration of the device, we still went over some of the features of it in addition to other devices used in this form of play. People had questions and even learned a thing or two that they didn't know before.

Exxxotica Miami champions sexual empowerment, aiming to break down societal taboos and encourage open conversations about pleasure and intimacy. Attending events like Exxxotica can be eye-opening, allowing individuals to embrace their sexuality without judgment and discover new ways to enhance their pleasure experiences. My time at Exxxotica Miami and teaching my classes was nothing short of exhilarating. The event's spirit of acceptance and exploration made it a liberating experience for everyone involved. While the rules were different than the usual conventions that I attended, we still managed to convey information. Many individuals reached out to me after the class with further questions which I was happy to help.

What we need in general are more events that promote sexual empowerment so we take steps towards creating a world where individuals can freely explore their desires and find deeper connection and satisfaction in their intimate lives.

Next up: New Jersey (Ed. note: Nov 3-5, 2023)

Switch Jake is a BDSM educator from Denver Colorado. He has been teaching for 25 years on a variety of BDSM topics all over the country, usually at BDSM conferences. However, other venues need education too and he is happy to provide knowledge to those seeking it. Check him out at


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