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Enjoy Masturbation Month with Motorbunny

Enjoy Masturbation Month with Motorbunny

May is National Masturbation Month!

Check out the dates below with a few sexually creative suggestions on how to celebrate!

May 6th – Hungover from Cinco?
Let yourself sleep late. Then down a glass of water and wake your partner up with oral. Endorphins will knock out their hangover and, hopefully, leave them feeling so good they’ll return the favor. It’s science.

May 12th – Military Spouses Day
Take a moment to remember that many brave military members have equally courageous wives and husbands that support them—and we offer $50 off for active duty and veteran service personnel.

Friday the 13th
Incorporating masks in the bedroom is an easy entry into roleplaying, and blindfolds heighten all your other senses. And in case you missed it, Crispin Glover dances like a weirdo in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter.

May 14th – Mother’s Day
If you can’t visit, send her a card!

May 25th National Wine Day
Here’s a fun Motorbunny drinking game. Have a glass of wine. Hop on! Rinse. Repeat.

May 29th Memorial Day
Lots of couples kick off the summer with a lifestyle party for the long weekend. Don’t forget extra sunscreen, extra lube, and extra attachments!
For what it’s worth, May is also National Blood Pressure Month. Go get your ticker checked out.

Have a delightful month!

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