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Forced Orgasms and Motorbunny: A Guest Blog by SwitchJake

Forced Orgasms and Motorbunny: A Guest Blog by SwitchJake

For anyone who has ever seen me present my forced orgasms class, then I am sure you could deduce that it is my favorite class that I do. Not only do I get to share my love of making people cum, but I also get to do it live during the class, usually many times in a row. 

I have been very lucky that I have a pool of people who are willing to come with me to presentations around the country and orgasm for crowds. I’m actually a bit jealous honestly. They get to fly to a new city and attend a BDSM convention for free and all they have to do is have a few orgasms in front of a class. Heck, sign me up! The only complaint I hear is when I have to teach the class at 8am and am pulling them out of bed to get to the classroom on time.

Still, over the years, I’ve tried a variety of devices to ensure that orgasms happened. When I first started out, I used something called the forced orgasm tower. It’s a tower that locks the person in a standing position and then positions a wand vibrator in just the right place. Best of all, it worked for people with both male and female parts. The drawback? Two things:

The tower parts themselves are quite heavy and large. While most of the parts fit in a suitcase, the two primary support poles do not. This meant that I have had to check two suitcases when I travel and one of those is just the poles. I usually filled that larger suitcase with clothes, but it still isn’t convenient. The wand vibrator also would not stay in place when a woman would grind on it, which would make it hard to achieve multiple orgasms. Hence why I LOVE straddle-style power vibrators! I’ll be honest, at first, I was a bit taken aback by the price of these machines. When I was first introduced to them, at close to $1,300 it was going to be the most expensive vibrator that I would ever own. Needless to say, I couldn’t afford to purchase one for a very long time. However, now that I’ve used one, they have become my go-to vibrator for these presentations for a few reasons:

  1. Very easy to haul around. The motor part is self-contained. Just add an attachment and the power cords and you are good to go.
  2. I have yet to find anyone that can resist them for any significant length of time.
  3. Some people are so used to a vibrator that it can be difficult to achieve orgasm. This is something completely new to most folks and they su-cum (!) easily.

I rather enjoyed my first unit. It worked well, but it did have some drawbacks. I kept asking why didn’t someone make ways to get around these issues? For example, why does the control box cord have to be permanently attached while the power cord isn’t and why doesn’t it have attachment points? On this second point, I even debated drilling into the unit to add them and even tried my hand at creating wooden frame that I could add these to. Needless to say, I can’t build a pre-cut birdhouse right so it’s safe to say my woodworking skills are lacking.

Then I was introduced to my first Motorbunny! I hadn’t heard about them prior to purchasing my first machine. However, just looking at the device it was as if someone at the company had heard me screaming suggestions into the wind and added all my gripes to a new product. It had everything I wanted in a saddle vibrator. So began my experience with Motorbunny, which I use to this day for presentations.

The fact that it has bondage attachment points was the very minimum that I wanted. It also had Bluetooth so I could improve my presentations by passing around the controls on a spare phone to random people in the room thus making the presentation interactive. The best thing of all? The Motorbunny is less expensive and better than my original device.

These improvements made my presentation even better. No longer did I need to be there to monitor everything. I could tie my demo bottom to the unit using it’s built in bondage points and just turn it on confident in the ensuing results. The only thing I had to monitor was that they didn’t rock too far forward or backward and fall over, but I found ways to protect against this.

I think my favorite version of this class was where I had three demo bottoms on saddle vibrators (and one where I did it manually) while teaching the class. The room was filled with the buzz of the vibrators to the point that I was shouting to teach my class. I was in my element. I didn’t even care that I was in the middle of the Las Vegas desert in the heat of summer. We had fans blowing full power in order to keep the room cool.

I’ve been teaching this class for a long time now and I get very excited every single time that I get the chance to give it. Male or female, I love to give people orgasms. As I like to say, forced orgasms is the act of giving someone as many orgasms as they can stand, and then five more. It brings a smile to my face each time. I couldn’t do this without some willing helpers and as such I am extremely thankful for all the demo bottoms who have donated their time and body (especially at 8am) so that I might educate others. It’s been an amazing ride (for both me and the demo bottoms). 

If you are interested in getting a Motorbunny (and I highly recommend them), I’ve negotiated a slight discount. Use code SWITCHJAKE50 and they will take $50 off the price of a full unit. This is not any kind of referral code. I make no money from you using it. It is just there so that people who share the same passion I do for saddle vibrators can get an even better deal. It’s valid for Motorbunny Original® units and Motorbunny Buck® units.

Forced Orgasm Belt

About the author: 
SwitchJake is a BDSM Presenter and Educator with more than 15 years of experience leading classes and workshops for students seeking safe, healthy, extreme experiences. From BDSM 101 to Electrical Play, SwitchJake guides beginners and Dungeon Masters alike through custom exploratory journeys.  
Learn more about his classes at or enjoy his podcast, Kink in the Chain

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