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The Bad Dragon Attachment Guide

The Bad Dragon Attachment Guide

What's better than an ordinary sex machine? A sex machine equipped with a premium silicone fantasy dildo. That's where Bad Dragon comes in. Motorbunny and Bad Dragon attachments are more than just ordinary dildos. They offer a tantalizing fantasy unlike any other ordinary sex toy.

In this article, we cover these topics about the Motorbunny Bad Dragon attachment collection:

  1. A brief history of Bad Dragon
  2. What is a Motorbunny?
  3. A deep dive into Ika
  4. Gazing at Flint
  5. Igniting desire with Orochi
  6. Exploring the Mystery of Mystic

By the end of this article, you will know everything you need to know about the Bad Dragon collection, what makes them great, and the pleasure they can deliver. Before you know it, you will be a member of the Bad Dragon Motorbunny Club!

What is a Motorbunny Sex Machine?

Welcome to the home of the premium sex machine - Motorbunny.

A sex machine, in simple terms, is a mountable vibrating sex saddle to which various types of attachments can be fitted. It provides powerful vibrations and twirling features. It is designed to be straddled and ridden. The first commercially made modern sex machine was made by a company called Sybian; since then, companies like ours have worked on improving this design and offering a wider range of compatible products and attachments.

Flint Attachment on a Motorbunny with the Red Dragon Scale Cover

Fuck machines, also known as riding dildo machines, are the perfect sex toy. They never tire and are built to last decades. They come in a range of designs. Motorbunny comes in two, to be precise - the Motorbunny BUCK (a thrusting sex saddle) and the Motorbunny Original.

Whether you have a thrusting sex machine or the original vibrating design, they are made to offer both internal penetration and external stimulation for either the clit or the taint. It's for this reason that they are so versatile and considered a luxury sex toy.

However it is important to remember that the Bad Dragon attachment collection is only compatible with the Motorbunny Original sex machine

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The Beauty of Attachments

Sex machines have advanced over the years, and with them, so have the availability and types of attachments. This is especially true of modern sex saddles like the Motorbunny. With the advent of remote-controlled sex machines and thrusting dildo machines that contain a rod or spring attachment, these machines have spurred on the innovation of new and unique attachments.

Fuck machines are not just saddle devices with a suction cup pad that allows you to stick an attachment on and manually ride them – no, they are much more than that. They offer you endless hours of fun, explosive orgasms and the ability to engage in long-distance play sessions from any country with a partner through the Motorbunny LINK control app. Adding a little fantasy element, and you are ready to hop on, link up, and dive into your deepest desires.

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A Brief History of Bad Dragon Toys

Bad Dragon, a leader in the fantasy sex toy industry, began in June 2008. They debuted at conventions, notably Anthrocon, with a modest reception that quickly became widespread acclaim. The company’s unique approach to creating high-quality silicone toys inspired by mythical creatures such as dragons and gryphons filled a niche gap in the market that traditional sex toys had long overlooked.

Their imaginative designs and commitment to safety and quality set new industry standards, propelling Bad Dragon to become a household name known for its innovative and visually striking products. We can all agree that Bad Dragon toys are more than just dildos - they are art.

Flint attachment on a Motorbunny with a grey Dragon Scale cover

Identifying a market gap for fantasy-themed sex toys, Bad Dragon leveraged the safety of silicone to create intricate and colorful designs. Over the years, their unique toys have garnered a loyal following, winning multiple awards and becoming staples in collections of sex toy enthusiasts worldwide.

On account of the company's ability to cater to a wide range of fantasies, from dragon lords to unicorn horns, they have solidified their reputation as pioneers of the fantasy sex toy realm. Collectors of Bad Dragon toys can be found all over the world, from the USA to Germany and beyond.

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Bad Dragon Meets Motorbunny

In response to the growing demand for fantasy sex toys, we have partnered up with Bad Dragon to offer a range of specialized attachments for the Motorbunny Original.

Featured in this partnership are four classic Bad Dragon designs—"Orochi", "Flint", "Ika", and "Mystic". Crafted from 100% body-safe platinum-cured silicone and available in various sizes and colors, they are sure to spark your desires and get your imagination rolling.

These attachments are designed to enhance the Motorbunny experience. Allowing riders to explore new dimensions of pleasure with safe and easy-to-clean products. The Motorbunny Bad Dragon collection is born of the fusion of innovative smart sex toy technology and creative design, offering riders an extraordinary and immersive sexual experience.

A Deep Dive Into Ika

Ika attachment on a Motorbunny

Up for a little deep-sea diving? Meet Ika, the creature you'd be more than happy to meet in the depths of the ocean. This tantalizing tentacle offers all the right curves and textures for the wettest of adventures.

The Ika is designed with length in mind. It has a glorious curve which is perfect for reaching the G-spot, while the textured tentacle sucker pads and base allow for diverse angles of exploration, along with external clitoral stimulation. Every time you hop on to Ika, you will be met with a unique experience.

Available in Natural green, Motorbunny pink, and glow-in-the-dark Signature blue, Ika is crafted to provide versatile stimulation. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, Ika offers an exciting journey into the depths of your desires.

  • Type of Stimulation: Curved shape, textured tentacle sucker pads
  • Sizes Available: Small - 7.25 inches, Large - 8.75 inches

Dive deep with Ika.

Gazing at Flint

Flint attachment on a Motorbunny

Ready for a taste of uncut steampunk glory? Introducing Flint. This one-of-a-kind big boy is thick in all the right places, with ridged plates along its girthy shaft.

Complete with studs and foreskin; it provides a filling sensation that targets both the G-spot and P-spot, ensuring every pleasure spot is satisfied. Its base has groves and ridges that offer plenty of external stimulation.

Available in three colors: glow-in-the-dark Signature green, Motorbunny pink, and Natural bronze, Flint is designed to deliver deep, satisfying pleasure. Its textured surface ensures maximum stimulation for the most intense experiences.

Flint transports your steampunk hell-scape fantasies to new dimensions. You'll fall in love with the girth!

  • Type of Stimulation: Rigid plates, studs, foreskin for filling sensations
  • Sizes Available: Small - 6.25 inches, Large - 7.44 inches

Add "Flint" to your cart.

Igniting desire with Orochi

Orochi attachment on a Motorbunny

Ready to conquer a mythical beast? Introducing Orochi, the legendary kaiju-inspired attachment that promises an epic adventure. With its curves, scales, and ribbed bends, this dragon will ignite your fantasies and take you on your wildest ride.

The Orochi delivers a sensational experience with its curves and blossoming head. Textured scales and ribbed bends along the shaft add extra stimulation. The curves and direction of the scales create a unique insertion that is sure to take your breath away.

Aside from the shaft, it has scales that wrap the base, and depending on the angle at which you ride this creation - you will get a different clitoral or perineum stimulation every time.

The Orochi is available in Natural yellow, glow-in-the-dark Signature copper, and the exclusive Motorbunny Pink. This attachment offers a unique and adventurous experience for those ready to be dominated by this Dragon-Kaiju.

  • Type of Stimulation: Curves, scales, and ribbed bends for varied sensations
  • Sizes Available: Small - 6.5 inches, Large - 9.31 inches

Let "Orochi" take charge.

Exploring the Mystery of Mystic

Mystic attachment on a Motorbunny

Dreaming of magical realms? Say hello to Mystic, the enchanting unicorn horn that brings whimsy and wonder to your orgasms. Its spiraled shaft and grooves offer mystical sensations, making every ride a fairytale come true.

Mystic offers a whimsical ride. The spiraled shaft provides plenty of grooves and smooth sections for varied sensations and easy insertion. It is suitable for both experienced and inexperienced users, ensuring a magical and pleasure-filled experience.

Available in Natural purple, Signature white, and Motorbunny Pink, Mystic combines fantasy with function. The textured base enhances stimulation, making every use an enchanting adventure.

  • Type of Stimulation: Spiraled shaft with grooves and smooth sections
  • Sizes Available: Small - 7.63 inches, Large - 9.13 inches

Add a little whimsey to your bedroom with "Mystic"

Comparing the Attachments

We will preface this with a small warning - choosing between the Bad Dragon attachments is hard! Thanks to their unique characteristics and designs, they cater to a variety of tastes.

If you search any forum or website for a discussion of them, you will find community members mentioning that they have the full collection. Your only choice is which attachment best suits your mood on the day!

If you're looking for an honest comparison, here it is. It is important to remember that they offer distinct experiences tailored to different preferences and fantasies.

The Orochi stands out with its curves and blossoming head, combined with scales and ribbed bends along the shaft, making it ideal for experienced users who enjoy varied and adventurous sensations.

In contrast, Flint is designed for those seeking a more filling sensation, featuring pronounced and rigid plates, studs, and foreskin that effectively target both the G-spot and P-spot. Its girth and detailed texture make it a favorite among those who desire deeper, more intensity.

Conversely, Ika and Mystic offer unique textures and imaginative designs to the table. Ika’s curved shape and intricate tentacle sucker pads are perfect for G-spot stimulation and offer versatile angles for exploration. It is perfect for both beginners and experienced users alike.

Mystic attachment on a Motorbunny

Mystic, with its whimsical unicorn horn-inspired shaft, provides sensations through its grooves and smooth sections. The spiraled horn's advantage is that it makes insertion easy. Mystic is designed to be accessible to users of all experience levels, combining a fantastical design with practical stimulation.

Basically, we're saying that each of the Bad Dragon attachments is amazing in their own right.

Motorbunny: Igniting Your Desire

The fantasy that these attachments spark will not only help you reach new heights with your orgasm, but they will leave you dreaming of them post-orgasm. Whether you're here to read about each one and make a difficult choice choosing one, or you're here today to check out your cart and order them all - you will not be disappointed!

They have the ability to turn any Motorbunny sex machine moment into a memorable play session! 

If you are not sure which bundle to get and have a few questions - drop us a message at our support desk - we want to give our customers the best experience possible when shopping for the best sex machine bundle.

pssst... we offer free shipping over $50 within the USA.

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