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August 16, 2016 1 min read

Hop For Teacher? School Is In, And So Are We …

It’s that time of year—quiet homes and a little more free time. What better to fill it with than reconnecting with your partner?

We all need a little space, and whether or not your fall plans include a romantic spark, here are three reasons why getting your groove on now—while you’ve got a minute to think—is good for everyone.

1. Fall is for fantasies

You know the feeling. When the temperature changes a little and everyone feels a little more alive, more open to exploring life. That little nip in the air is no coincidence. Take advantage while the kids are away to sneak away from lunch and finally enact your lunchtime quickie, pool boy and mailman fantasies. It goes without saying that you should talk with your partner beforehand, but carpe the diem already!

2. Daytime deliveries

Curious little minds are great. Just not when you’re expecting the ideal present for yourself. Now is the perfect time to take delivery of something without answering questions about the box that contains a fantastic toy…that is not for them.

3. Busy holidays are around the corner

Don’t get us wrong. Motorbunny makes a great holiday (or anniversary, or birthday) gift. But before you know it, Halloween, Thanksgiving and then winter school break are here in the blink of an eye. If there’s a moment to gift yourselves a spark, now that you have a little time, NOW is the time!

Enjoy your days with the kids away!

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