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Motorbunny Mobility & Storage Case

The Motorbunny Mobility & Storage Case is the perfect storage solution for your home and travel needs.  It features custom spaces for your Motorbunny, controller, 3 premium attachments, A/C adaptor, and an easily stored mat for silencing your Motorbunny and protecting your knees.

  • Metal case for all Motorbunny units.
  • 2 caster wheels with retractable handle for easy travel
  • Storage for Motorbunny, controller, power, and 3 attachments
  • Motorbunny luggage tag
  • Noise dampening mat
  • 14" x 23" x 16"

Attachments and accessories (including the storage and mobility case) are not covered by the 45 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, and as such are non-returnable.

For air travel, wrapping your Motorbunny case with foam or bubble wrap is recommended, otherwise cosmetic damage may occur.

NOTE: As with any storage situation, you should always separate your attachments with low-lint cloth to prevent material leaching. (PJ pants work well!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Great storage and travel case

Exactly what is needed to store motorbunny and attachments. Discreet, durable hard travel case.

Anthony M.
Compact Storage

I was using the box the buck came in to store it for the last year. After trying to lug that box from destinations it became a chore…

I recently bought this case and it takes up less space than I anticipated. It fits the buck unit snuggly. Overall I’m very happy with the amount of storage of this case. I’m actually able to fit all the main components of the buck along with 5 attachments.

The only draw back on this case (not the biggest concern) is the lack of room for “Right Angle Wedge” (piece to make the buck stand upright).

If you develop a new case, I recommend making one specifically for the buck to accommodate all its pieces.

Chaz B.
A place for you Bunny stuff

Nicely holds the motor bunny and accessories, while making it easy to move it all around the house or for travel. Overall Fantastic

Jonathan &.T.
A storage case the kids won’t accidentally open

We went away for the weekend without the kids and decided to take the Bunny with us. The Bunny case was perfect. The storage box is able to hold all the attachments (and we have a lot). The opening for the controller and power supply storage lifts up to allow easy access for storage of Mt Gushmore, Double Trouble, Wishful Thinking, I’m in Heaven and more.
With a set of wheels and retractable handle, it was easy to tug it from the car to check in, and up to the hotel room for a evening of fun.
Unfortunately, the stool does not fit. However, with a small redesign of the stool by Motorbunny (contact me if you need help), it could be designed to fit.
Not sure of the weight fully loaded - maybe at the limit for airplane checked luggage. If going through TSA, I am letting my hubby put it on the belt for X-ray.
Five stars for this product.

Steve C.
nice storage

nice case, wheels,, easy to store