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Easy Rider Freedom Sling

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Let Freedom Sling! The Easy Rider Freedom Sling frees your back and knees with ease, gently cradling you as you cruise off into the abyss of bliss. The sturdy construction of pipe and flexible bands includes handlebars for additional support and is designed for straddle and side-saddle support up to 330 pounds. Please note that attachments and accessories are non-returnable.

A slightly rounded base design makes it easy to lean forward or back for perfect placement mid-ride. The Easy Rider was created at the ideal height for use with Motorbunny Original or Motorbunny BUCK, but can also be used with a partner to give both a bouncing, zero-G-assist experience. 

Hop on and enjoy the freedom to stretch your legs out and enjoy the ride with the Easy Rider Freedom Sling!

Includes free novelty sex position dice!

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
She'll be back in the saddle again..and again.. and again..

Definitely makes things much easier at the rodeo.. bucking like a Bronco.

Sturdy and reliable

I purchased the freedom sling a few weeks ago and finally got around to assembling it and it was not difficult at all. It’s well made and sturdy. My sub give me great feedback of being able to use it for triple the time she would have been able to ride up, traditionally. I highly approve this product!

Freedom sling

Great for balance and for when she’s exhausted from riding. Saves the knees.

Wayne C.
Worth it

Had to wait until I was sure she liked it,and man she does like it. When I first got my MB, there was some hesitation on my gal's part. Couldn't get a good spot on the bed, and floor was rough on her knees, lucky for me I knew about easy rider, got one and what a difference. Now she asks when we going to get time for the bunny. The satisfied look on her face is worth it. I'm betting the same look on my face too. Cum on people get one, you're both going to Like the end result.

Easy Rider is an Intensifier

Let’s face it: If you are reading this review you are a sexual adventurest or want to be. This simple no batteries required device brings new opportunities to any couple. The support it provides gives both so many more options. Great stuff! If you have a MB buck it is an intensifier and can be a life saver. If you are on a buck I dare you to not find more waves and variations bouncing & rocking on this easy rider. When that ride takes you to a new level of extreme release those handlebars will save you.