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The Motorbunny Sex Machine Guide

The Motorbunny Sex Machine Guide

There is no doubt that sex machines are designed to create the utmost pleasure and ignite the senses. They are crafted to be used not only in solo masturbation but as part of any partnered sex sessions, too.

In this article, we will cover these important topics about the Motorbunny Sex Machine:

  1. What Motorbunny sex machines are.
  2. Details that make the Motorbunny great.
  3. The types of sex machines available on the market. 
  4. Tips for using a sex saddle.
  5. The benefits of using a sex machine.
  6. Who should own a sex machine?

By the end of this article, you will understand why the Motorbunny sex saddle machine is known as one of the best on the market! Here is everything you need to know about the Motorbunny ride on sex toy.

What are Motorbunny Sex Machines?

To put it simply, the Motorbunny sex machine is a luxury sex saddle toy. Designed to be a ride on sex machine, both models deliver intense vibrations for both internal and external stimulation. Where they differ is the Buck is a thrusting sex machine and offers thrust, while the Original offers a twirling function.

Both models are equipped with tons of attachment options (for him and her) and modes that vibrate and rotate. From soft grind mats to dildo attachments and even a penetrable attachment that stimulates anal. There are more than enough attachments to please your every sexual desire.

The Motorbunny Original

To understand what sets this powerhouse sex toy apart, you will need to consider what makes it tick.

More Than Just Good, Good Vibrations

It is easy to filter through pages of riding dildo machine product pages, unable to decide which one is the right one for you. It would appear that they are simply not designed to cover all bases, which is why the Motorbunny stands out.

Vibration power that goes "all the way to 11" isn't necessary for everyone; it's there just in case and for you to play around with until you find the setting that works.

However, it has more than just simple vibrations on offer.

These unique products also have digital app integrations (did someone say karaoke?) and remote control features. This means that there is truly something made for everyone.

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The Details in the Design

The Motorbunny Original stands out for several reasons. One of the main features of this powerful riding dildo machine is its flawless and timeless design. 

It is made with your pleasure and comfort in mind. The saddle is designed for internal and external stimulation, and it has additional features that can improve your steamy play sessions.

The Clip and Tie

Four sturdy eyelets provide infinite possibilities...

At Motorbunny, we appreciate innovative design coupled with imagination. So, we encourage Motorbunny users to explore their fantasies and let them do the talking with a little help from the strategically placed eyelets (two each in front and back).

These are made for tying or clipping on accessories such as the Motorbunny knee pad attachments, nipple clamps, forced orgasm belts, or wrist and ankle restraints (all sold separately).

Details like this make the Motorbunny the platform of choice for adventurous souls who feel they want to take their sex lives "all the way to 11!"

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Types of Sex Machine

Sex machines come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. Each has its own beneficial qualities that make them great. To understand why the Motorbunny is considered one of the best sex machines on the market, you will need to know why they are different from other kinds of mountable or thrusting sex toys.

Sex Saddles

Sex saddles are mountable ride-on style sex toys. Just as you would mount a horse saddle, these machines are designed to be straddled. Often on the steeper end of the price point scale, they are considered premium sex machines. Once straddled, the machine penetrates, vibrates, or twirls to help the user achieve orgasm.

Sex saddles are powerful and can be loud. Saddles are also larger sex toys and will require space inside a closet for storage. They come with a wide range of attachments suited to any gender.

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Like the sex saddle, gliders can be mounted but are not powered by motors. These sex toys are also known as Monkey Rockers. They are powered by the user, which means the speed and depth of penetration will depend on how the user moves their body.

Prostate stimulators or dildos can be attached to gliders, usually with a Vac U Lock adaptor.


Predominantly made for penile stimulation, a stroker allows for hands-free masturbation and can move at a fast pace. Some models of strokers can be connected to VR headsets, such as the Occulus, for an immersive experience.


Simply put, thrusting sex machines offer thrusting penetration. Many thrusting dildo machines are basic designs. However, the market is also saturated with high-tech, premium thrusters that can be programmed. They can come in many different forms, whether handheld or standalone.

Nonmountable designs often feature various adjustable thrusting shaft angles and stroke lengths. However, saddle-style thrusters such as the Motorbunny Buck are also available. Saddle styles such as the Buck offer more variety in how they can be used and the type of stimulation that can be achieved.

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Using a Sex Machine

Here are a few tips to help you get the most pleasure out of your sex machine experience.

  • Lube: Lubrication is perhaps one of the most critical factors in any sexual practice. Without proper lubrication, you may experience unwanted friction or even bruising. Make sure to add lubricant to ensure smooth play sessions.
  • Stay grounded: Before you begin your session, place it on a level surface like the ground or a bed. If you use the sex machine on the ground, add a carpet or towel underneath to absorb noise and pad the knees. If using the right-angle wedge to raise it, ensure it is correctly placed under the machine.
  • Stay relaxed but focused: Using a sex machine at a fast pace can require concentration. Since the sex machine moves faster than a human lover, the rider should be careful not to move around too much, particularly when using a dildo attachment. Sudden movements may cause a dildo to slip out accidentally. When starting out, start with a dildo attachment you are comfortable with. This will also reduce the risk of injury.
  • Slow down: For first-time riders, it is crucial to use the sex machine at the lowest setting in the beginning and warm up to more powerful speeds. However, don't be afraid of mixing and matching the settings.
  • Size matters: While adding a large dong to your sex machine is tempting, finding the right size for your body is essential. Since the sex machine is more powerful than a human, selecting a dildo that is too big can quickly become uncomfortable during use. You also run the risk of injury.
  • Cleanliness: It is essential to clean all sex toys between use. If possible, designate one attachment to one body part. If you will be sharing your sex machine with a partner, place a condom on the dildo to prevent any sexually transmitted diseases. Once the sex machine has been cleaned, store it in a clean and dry area.

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What are the Benefits of Owning a Sex Machine?

If you are considering investing in a sex machine, you might be wondering whether there are any benefits to owning one.

There are multiple benefits. For solo users, a sex machine can imitate the feeling and excitement of having multiple lovers. Settings can be adjusted, and dildos can be swapped out with ones of different sizes and textures. Not to mention the ability to dip into your wildest fantasies and opt for an intricately designed dildo attachment.

Experimentation is the spice of life, and that is true for sex machines. These pleasure devices allow for experimentation without the risk of STDs or embarrassment. Sex machines will never tire of your needs and are always available and ready to play.

Remote control technology breaks down barriers in long-distance romances. By giving a partner control of the Motorbunny, no matter where they are in the world, you can be confident that your intimacy levels will be maintained. Additionally, the remote control feature can add a little something to your foreplay sessions, along with integrated games, to bring a whimsical twist to your bedroom.

Most importantly, sex machines can help you take control of your orgasms. Being able to deliver earth-shattering orgasms on demand.

Lastly, sex machines can be enjoyed by all genders, providing excitement and building trust between partners.

These machines offer simple pleasures and several health benefits.

  • Orgasms release oxytocin, which helps elevate one's mood, and serotonin, which reduces stress.
  • Melatonin is also released during orgasm, which helps to transition the mind into sleep.
  • Stress reduction has the added benefit of a healthier heart, as less stress can prevent heart disease.
  • Regular masturbation with a sexual device may also help women combat menopause and raise libido as orgasms help moisturize vaginal walls, boosting the elasticity of the vagina.
  • Orgasms also exercise the pelvic floor, which is crucial for controlling the bladder.

Regular use of a sex toy during masturbation can lead to women feeling more relaxed, happy, and satisfied overall.

Who Should Own a Sex Machine?

Whether single or coupled, sex machines can be enjoyed by nearly everyone. Singles can use a sex machine to enhance their masturbation and find what feels good for their bodies. They can experiment and fulfill their sexual desires without the threat of diseases. Lovers can use a sex machine to build intimacy and teach each other about likes and dislikes.

A new sex machine toy in the bedroom can add an element of excitement and new experiences, which can lead to more romance. Long-distance partners can also use a sex machine to maintain intimacy while apart, using the Motorbunny app to power the sex machine and pleasure their lover. No matter how you use a sex machine, it is a sex toy suitable for all genders.

And with an industry-best 11-year warranty and risk-free 45-day Satisfaction Guarantee, we're proud to offer customer service that "cuddles after."

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