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Giddy Up: The Ultimate Guide to Using a Sex Saddle

Giddy Up: The Ultimate Guide to Using a Sex Saddle

Are you looking for a way to revolutionize your pleasure and have explosive orgasms?

Sex saddles are the answer! They are powerhouses of pleasure and suit any lifestyle or sexual desire. We'll explore the ins and outs of these innovative sex toys and explain why they stand out in the realm of sexual wellness.

Here's what we'll cover:

  1. What is a sex saddle, and how does it differ from ordinary thrusting sex machines?
  2. What makes Motorbunny a luxury sex machine?
  3. Customizing your dildo machine.
  4. Comparing the Motorbunny to the Sybian sex saddle.
  5. The benefits of using a sex saddle.
  6. Frequently asked questions about sex machines.

By the end of this article, you will know everything you need to know about what sex saddles are and how they differ from ordinary thrusting sex machines. You'll also find out why the Motorbunny is considered one of the best sex saddles in the market.

Let's get into it.

What is a Sex Saddle?

A sex saddle is perhaps the world's most luxurious sex toy. They are designed to be mounted and ridden. It combines versatility, ergonomic design, and premium materials for a superior ride and varied stimulation. The mountable base houses a powerful motor to add various attachments.

It is more than just a vibrating sex machine with a dildo attachment. Sex saddles such as the Motorbunny have a range of compatible attachments and programmable controls that make it a customizable sex toy. Perfect for anyone who enjoys the spice of variety.

Christiana Cinn

Also known as riding dildo machines, they are built to be sat on or placed on their side for a range of different angles. Depending on the design and attachment, riders are offered a range of different stimulation.

These sex toys differ from ordinary thrusting sex machines, as they offer vibration and twirling features or vibrations paired with thrusting. These machines are designed to be a clitoral stimulator as well as offering penetration. Ride-on sex machines are also designed to make having an orgasm accessible and easy, no matter the rider's gender or body type.

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Why the Motorbunny is a Luxury Sex Machine?

One word can sum up why this machine is considered a luxury: Comfort.

Sex saddle toys fall into the premium and luxury categories for several reasons. They are designed to create an immersive experience. They are made to look sexy and inviting; they tease the imagination and allow riders to feel comfort on every level.

Motorbunny With Mt Gushmore Slope

Their ease of use and sleek design make them user-friendly for beginners and seasoned pros. Their appealing aesthetics allow the rider to forget for a moment that they are on top of a vibrating fuck machine, allowing them to be transported to the depths of their desires and beyond.

While no two sex machines are designed to be the same, there are subtle differences that add to the luxury. For the most part, we believe that any premium sex machine needs to have all the bells and whistles; it will cover all your bases and then some.

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Customizing Your Ride

The beauty of sex saddle machines lies in the fact that you can customize them to your own needs.

Couple with a Motorbunny and attachments

Whether you want a snazzy clip-on dragon scale cover in a patent red or sleek grey, perhaps something a little more along the lines of a pink princess throne. Or maybe you seek variety in the form of attachments - guaranteed there will be more than one perfect attachment for your needs.

You are spoiled with choice when it comes to owning a sex saddle toy!

To Thrust or Not to Thrust

Thrust is a personal preference.

That is why there are two types of Motorbunny: the Original and the Motorbunny BUCK. The Original Motorbunny helped pioneer the luxury sex saddle market, and then along came the BUCK.

The Original features twirls, powerful vibrations, and a wide range of attachments and accessories. It offers everything you need if thrusts are not your thing. It delivers intense vibration in all the right places and twirl patterns to make every orgasm pop!

Skye Allen With a Motorbunny BUCK

For riders who prefer thrusting motions, the BUCK was designed for you. Paired with our signature powerful vibration capabilities, this thrusting sex saddle is quite literally made to help you climax and satisfy your needs. The BUCK attachment range was created with thrust in mind; they come in various shapes, sizes, and styles to suit every need and mood.

Take the BUCK bundle builder quiz to find your BUCK match.

Maintenance and Care For Your Saddle Sex Toys

When it comes to owning a sex toy collection, one of the most essential aspects is maintenance and care. The usual routine of cleaning your toys and packing them away is more important than you think - cared adequately for sex toys can last a lifetime. This is especially true when it comes to sex saddles.

It is best practice to clean your ride-on sex machine properly after every use, especially if you have used it with a new partner. Wipe it down and wash any attachments with warm water and a mild soap that is safe for the type of material the attachment is made out of. Dry them off with a clean cloth and let them air dry for a little while before packing them away.

When it comes to storage, it is vital to store your attachments properly, but tossing them into a cardboard box at the back of your wardrobe is not the best idea.

Motorbunny travel bags

It is best to check the instruction manuals for specific storage requirements or slip each into a cloth pouch/bag before packing them away. When storing your Motorbunny sex saddle, we recommend a Motorbunny travel bag. This will keep your sex machine safe and protected from the elements while keeping everything together. Depending on the type of bag, you will also have space for between 6 - 12 attachments and the power supply.

Discretion is an added bonus when it comes to using a designated storage backpack!

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Comparing the Motorbunny to Other Sex Saddle Brands

One of the most important things to consider when shopping around for a sex saddle machine is the brand.

A Couple with a Motorbunny

While they might seem similar at a tertiary glance, they are definitely not the same. While most sex machine brands offer similar features, the Motorbunny stands out. It caters to the desires of both women and men, and its range of compatible attachments is much wider than that of most other brands.

In order to fully understand the differences, let's take a look at how the Motorbunny sex machine compares to the Sybian.

Shop the Sybian attachment collection.

Motorbunny Vs Sybian Sex Toy

Anyone in the market for an automatic sex machine will be faced with the ultimate choice: what brand to go for, Motorbunny or Sybian? These pleasure devices can seem similar at a glance. They are, however, very different.

When weighing up the options between a Motorbunny and a Sybian, it's important to note that one brand stands out in almost all aspects. Motorbunny emphasizes accessibility and luxury. Motorbunny designs, the Original and the BUCK are designed to fulfill the riders' every need.

The key differences between the two brands include Motorbunny's slightly more powerful motor, modular and replaceable power supply, and four stainless steel eyelets for attachments and more specifically bondage gear.

a couple with a Motorbunny and BDSM restraints

App control is another major factor that comes into play when choosing between the two. In a digital world, the best sex machines need to be accessible via an app for a totally immersive experience.

The Motorbunny LINK Bluetooth controller does just that. It offers unique features such as directional control of the 'twirl' function and access to pre-programmed routines. Sybian however does not have an app.

the Motorbunny with standard attachments

Motorbunny also provides a more extensive selection of affordable, 100% platinum-cured silicone attachments, including options for men. (Not to forget that Sybian attachments are also compatible with the Motorbunny)

The Motorbunny doesn't just go "all the way to 11". It comes with an 11-year warranty and zero-interest financing options, whereas Sybian offers a one-year warranty with a lifetime option at extra cost.

Ultimately, Motorbunny offers more features at a lower price point without compromising quality.

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Benefits of Using a Motorbunny Sex Saddle

Automatic sex machines, like the Motorbunny, offer a unique and irresistible approach to pleasure. They offer versatility and hours of endless fun. They never tire out and can be customized to your every need. They also have several benefits for the rider.

  • Versatility: Riding dildo machines like the Motorbunny offer a wide range of attachments, accessories, and features that ensure varied sensations.
  • Comfort and Stability: Sex saddles are designed with ergonomics in mind. They offer a luxurious riding experience that is simultaneously comfortable and easy to get into.
  • Customizable Experience: The Motorbunny is a Bluetooth sex machine with remote and app control features. Riders can personalize their sex saddle experience and save their favorite routines.
  • Solo and Partnered Play: The best sex machines are designed to be used by anyone, whether in solo or partnered play. They can help solo riders dive deeper into their desires and achieve explosive orgasms, while in partnered use, they can enhance intimacy and connection between partners. (Interested in forced squirting? Check out our article for more information)
  • Ease of Orgasm: These sex toys are designed to make it easier to reach orgasm while also enhancing the intensity of orgasms.
  • Vac-U-Lock Adapter: Motorbunny sex machines offer compatibility with a broader range of silicone attachments; for example, Sybian attachments can be used on a Motorbunny as well as Vac-u-Lock attachments!

Another essential benefit is that modern sex saddles are often equipped with Bluetooth and online capabilities. These offer users the ability to remotely control the machine through an app or the LINK controller for intimacy in long-distance relationships or to add a little fun to play sessions with integrated games.

A couple with a Motorbunny and remote controller

Overall, sex saddles not only provide explosive pleasure but also strengthen and connect relationships while offering riders the chance to unleash their inner desires.

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Sex Saddles | Conquer Your Desires

Whether you want to revolutionize your sex life or conquer your desires, there is no doubt that a sex saddle is one of the best sex toys on the market. They offer quiet luxury to your bedroom while giving you the power to unleash your desires. Designed with comfort in mind, thrusting dildo machines offer you the chance to immerse yourself in every orgasm while feeling sexy and confident.

Sex saddles are not a novelty that will wear off. Instead, they are a gift that keeps giving. So hop on, twirl it, and you'll thank us later.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sex Machines

How to Make a Sex Machine

You might be wondering how to make a sex machine at home -- while it is possible, we don't recommend doing so. Home-made fuck machines don't come with a guarantee of working, safety, or any warranties. Conversely, a Motorbunny has the best quality guarantee and warranty in the business - all our sex machines come with an 11-year warranty.

How to Use a Sex Machine?

If you need help getting started with your sex machine, we created a position guide that includes popular positions along with handy tips and tricks for you to get the most out of your sex saddle.

Read the position guide.

How Much Do Sex Machines Cost?

Dildo machines don't run cheap. This ensures that you get top-notch quality and guaranteed orgasms. Our basic starter kits start at $899.

We understand that not everyone can afford the upfront costs, so we came up with the perfect solution— financing. This means you can hop on with 0% down payments!

Read more about affordable sex machines.

Where Can I Buy a Sex Machine?

You can buy a Motorbunny sex machine directly from our website or our Amazon storefront. All units sold through our stores come with a full 45-day guarantee, an 11-year warranty, and a quality guarantee. You will also have access to customer support and guaranteed satisfaction.

Shop the Motorbunny range.

Do You Get Sex Machines for Men?

Absolutely. The Motorbunny is not just designed with women in mind. While most other brands of sex saddles cater exclusively to women, The Motorbunny does not. We have a range of made-for-men attachments and can highly recommend using a Motorbunny with a male partner!

Read more about sex machines for men.

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